Ambius 50 Year History

Follow our timeline to learn about the history and growth of Ambius through the years.

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    1963 - Tropical Plant Rentals

    Tropical Plant Rentals is founded by Gerry Leider in Chicago.

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    1975 - Expansion

    Tropical Plant Rentals expands into 20+ markets.

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    1988 - Rentokil

    Tropical Plant Rentals is sold to Rentokil.

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    1996 - Rentokil Initial

    Initial joins Rentokil to form Rentokil Initial.

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    2000 - Trugreen

    Trugreen is acquired; doubling size of the company overnight!

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    2003 - Initial Tropical Plants

    In North America, Tropical Plant Rentals changes it's name to Initial Tropical Plants.

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    2008 - Ambius

    Initial Tropical Plants and Rentokil Tropical Plants rebrands to Ambius in 14 countries.

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    Ambius now provides Interior Plants, Corporate Artwork, Ambient Scenting, Floral Design, Purified Water Service, Holiday Décor and Living Green Walls.

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50 Year Video

Image Ambius 50 year video

Ambius President John Myers Honors Golden Anniversary

Holiday Magic

Image of office Holiday decorations from Ambius

Let Ambius sprinkle some Holiday magic over your business

Green Walls

Image of Green walls by Ambius North America

Beautiful Green Walls brighten up your space inside and out


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