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Arlington, TX, indoor and office plant services

Ambius is proud to service customers in Arlington, TX. If you are looking for the experts in indoor and office plant services, then you’ve come to the right place. Ambius has been providing  interior landscaping services for businesses in the Arlington area for years now, helping organizations unlock the full benefits of plants in their buildings. We work with you to find the right solution that will enhance the space. Ambius' mission is to help make your space a place where people love to work and clients and customers love to visit.

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Professional holiday decor solutions

It’s tough to turn a retail space, hotel or any business into a winter wonderland here in Texas. That's why it takes professional designers like our Ambius holiday decor specialists to craft the right trees, decorations and setting that will provide holiday cheer to clients, customers and employees. The right holiday decorations will make the space better and combined with our premium scenting can even make it a place people will want to shop in or return to again and again.

Linda Hasely

Branch Manager, Ambius Arlington, TX

"Delivering excellent service to our clients and colleagues is my passion.  I have more than 30 years working for a company that allows me to enhance businesses with Interior Plants, Holiday Decorations and Scenting. I enjoy working with Ambius and having the support of a large successful worldwide service company to provide the best service for clients."

Specialists in interior landscaping and design

Our Ambius interior landscaping design professionals are consultants who will analyze your space to come up with just the right solution. The right greenery around your office can help make employees more productive, reduce absenteeism and make your place the talk of the town among clients and customers. We will study the space needs, layout and light requirements to devise with the perfect indoor plant design for your space. Whether you’re interested in live plants, replica plants, Green Walls or other plant and flower arrangements, we will work tirelessly for you and your business.

Local expertise in Arlington, TX

The first step to enhancing your space is to call us or use our online form and set up an appointment. One of our office plant specialists will contact you and set up a consultation with one of our designers. Ambius can offer your business a wide array of services, including interior landscaping, vertical gardens, holiday decorations, plant rentals, premium scenting or artwork.