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Austin Office Plants Service

Ambius Austin, offeris a complete range of design services for the business indoor landscape. Rent plants through our interior plant service, select art for your building, add ambient scenting to your workplace, or let us help with creating inspiring interior plantscapes for your company. Ambius can handle your project small or large. Contact us today for a free quote.

Ask us about our commercial holiday décor and seasonal office plants! Contact us for more information about what we can do for your business in Austin, TX.

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Living Green Walls Available

Green Walls are the newest way to bring the benefit of interior plants to your space. Green Walls – also known as Living Walls or Vertical Gardens - are defined as a self-sufficient garden that is attached to a vertical surface or a large free standing frame. Call to schedule your Green Wall consultation and let the unimaginable beautification of your space begin.

Our Sales Design Consultant is eager to assist you with our other service offerings including: interior plants and containers; ambient scenting (Premium Scenting); replica plants; corporate art including acoustical or branded art; filter water service (Hydrofresh); and holiday decor. Call for an appointment, or fill out the form on this page, to request additional information about the array services provided by our Ambius team.

Keny Gray

Branch Manager, Ambius Austin