Flower Bowl 1

Does your office or building need a bit of color to make it seem less drab or boring? Ambius has a wide selection of flowering indoor plants in flower vases, bowls and other containers that can add a splash of color that sets your space apart and that will really liven it up.

We are experts in blooming plants and our arrangements include popular and colorful flowers such as seasonal poinsettias, mums, orchids and bromeliads. Just which ones are right for your space can be determined by our expert interior designers.

Beautiful Indoor Flowers

Our flower bowls, flower vases, potted plants and flower arrangements are tailored to each space and our plant delivery, maintenance and rotation system will keep fresh, beautiful flowers in your space throughout the year. We will find the right indoor flowers that will work for your space's humidity levels, light levels and decor. Our rotation service to replace the flowers every 2 to 6 weeks will keep things looking great.

Call us for a consultation about your flowering plant needs and ask about our flower bowls and other blooming plant arrangements. Call us at 1-888-368-8060 or use our online form.

Flower Bowl 1 live office blooming plants for indoor use
  • 50 - 500 ft. Candles
  • Medium
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

Your options:

Full Service

We will provide beautiful floral diplays for your space which we will then change on a regular basis.

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