Hardy Mums

Mums, or chrysanthemum, are a type of popular, colorful indoor flowering plant that people have used to decorate their homes and buildings for centuries, going back as far as 15th century China. They come in a very wide variety of colors and shapes that make them popular among indoor gardeners around the world.

For your business or work space, flowering mums can add that splash of color to lobbies, conference rooms or just around the office that will delight employees and even dazzle clients and customers. Hardy mums are resilient flowering indoor plants that will last under most conditions, which makes them perfect for indoor use.

Mum Flower Arrangements

Ambius' services can help you determine which chrysanthemums will be just right for your space and where they should be placed. Our plant delivery will set up the plants and our indoor plant maintenance services will water them, maintain them and rotate the flowers so that you have a constantly changing kaleidoscope of colors to keep your space looking fresh and beautiful.

If you are interested in discussing mums or other indoor flower displays call us at 1-888-368-8060 or fill in our online form for an appointment and consultation.

Mums live office blooming plants for indoor use
  • 50 - 500 ft. Candles
  • Medium
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

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Full Service

We will provide beautiful floral diplays for your space which we will then change on a regular basis.

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