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Ficus Alii - Standard

A plant that looks attractive as a stand-alone specimen or as part of a mixed display. Larger specimens are especially useful as feature plants in warm, well-lit atria, shopping malls and offices. A tree of dense growth and pendant habit which may grow to several metres in height. The shiny, deep green leaves are up to 25 centimetres long and tapering to a slender point. Leaf width depends on variety and ranges from two to three centimetres (“Alii”) to five to six centimetres (“Amstel King”). In common with most fig species, the leaves and bark exude a milky-white liquid when damaged. This may cause minor skin irritation in some individuals.

Perhaps because of difficulties with pronunciation, the scientific name is rarely used; more often than not, the plant is referred to as Ficus alii or Ficus longifolia, though strictly speaking neither is botanically correct.

Ficus Alii - Standard live office floor plants for indoor use
  • 500+ ft. Candles
  • Medium - high
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

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