Ficus Amstel King-Braid

Amstel King is another variety of Ficus maclellandii, with a slightly different appearance than its kin. Compare to its parent Ficus species, it has glossier, longer and wider, banana-shaped leaves and grows 30% faster.

The discovery of Amstel King can be traced in a greenhouse in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Contrary to what other people believe that it came from tissue culture, Amstel King is actually the result of the mutation process involving Ficus maclellandii. It displays an attractive red coloration in the apical growth. Its foliage can survive well if kept indoors. Growth tips are pronounced pink to red that are beautifully contrasting against its broad, glossy leaves.

In the horticulture industry, Ficus Amstel King is a desirable cultivar not only because of its unique leaves but also because of its fascinating growth and tolerance even in adverse conditions. Its leaves accumulate dust and a better alternative to the ficus dry leaves.

Ficus Amsetl King - Braid live office floor plants for indoor use
  • 500+ ft. Candles
  • Medium - high
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

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