Veitchia Merrillii

Usually used as a large, solitary specimen. This elegant palm has grey-green foliage and an attractively banded trunk. Small specimens for containers have recently become available.
An attractive single-stemmed palm that can grow up to 6m in height. The fronds, which can grow to a length of 1.5m, are feather-shaped, glossy and strongly arched. The stem is pale, smooth and prominently ringed with the scars of shed fronds. Out of doors in December, the plant can produce large clusters of bright red berries, which give it one of its common names - the Christmas palm.

One of a group of palms named after a family of famous English nurserymen, James Veitch and his son John Gould Veitch.

Veitchia merrillii is native to the Palawan islands in the Philippines. When first brought into cultivation, it was considered especially precious. Head gardeners in Victorian stately homes would only let them out of the ‘stove’ glasshouse to decorate the mansion at Christmas.

Veetchia Merrillii live office floor plants for indoor use
  • 500+ ft. Candles
  • Low - Medium
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

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