Sanseveria Black Gold

The upright, spikey nature of the plant suits many minimalistic interiors.  Sansevieria is an erect plant with long, leathery, sword-shaped leaves emerging in clumps from underground rhizomes. The Sansevieria Black Gold is one of approximately seventy species of Sansevieria, all of which are evergreen perennials native to the semi-deserts of southern and western Africa. The leaf fibres can be used to make ropes and the bowstrings of musical instruments. Sansevieria is named after an Austrian prince of Sanseriero. It was introduced to Europe in the late seventeenth century.

Sanseveria Black Gold live office floor plants for indoor use
  • 50 - 150+ ft. Candles
  • Low
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

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