Strelitzia Nicolai

The amazing flowers of this plant resemble the heads of exotic birds, such as cranes or birds of paradise. Related to, and resembling a banana plant, Strelitzia reginae is a compact, clump-forming perennial. It grows up to 1.5m and has long, lanceolate, grey-green leaves.

The most impressive feature of the plant is its strikingly exotic and long-lived inflorescence. Each flower has three bright orange sepals and three shimmering, peacock blue petals, two of which are fused to form a nectary. Emerging from a horizontal green and pink boat-shaped bract, the flowers look like the crest on a bird’s head and give the species its common name. Sunbirds pollinate plants in the wild.

The variety, Strelitzia reginae farinosa is similar but has yellow flowers. Other forms include Strelitzia reginae juncea, which has robust, rush-like leaf stalks and Strelitzia reginae humilis,which has a dwarf habit.

There a several other species of Strelitzia in cultivation including Strelitzia nicolai which can grow up to 8m tall and has pale blue flowers, and Strelitzia alba which is similar but produces white flowers.

Strelitzia Nicolai live office floor plants for indoor use
  • 150 - 500+ ft. Candles
  • Low - medium
  • Warm min temp 65°F
  • Avoid cold and overwatering

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