Aromatherapy Collection

The use of essential oils to heal or to affect one’s mood or behavior by topical application or aroma diffusion. Olfactory bulbs are located in same part of our brain as memory and mood. Essential oils are therapeutic and the scent affects our brain and moods in different ways. Essential oils can be used to: promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance work performance, improve alertness and energize.

All fragrances contain the required percentage of pure essential oils to make a therapeutic claim. Fragrances, like music, can enhance ambience and set mood. Unlike music, fragrance can affect one’s physical being and offer therapeutic benefits.

Image showing the Aromatherapy range of Premium Scenting scents fro Ambius

Relaxing: Relax the mind and body with this blend of aromatic lavender and soothing chamomile. Perfect for diffusion in hotel rooms, spas, doctor’s offices, or hotel lobbies that are trying to relax and soothe their patrons.

Balancing: Maintain focus, concentration, and mental clarity with this blend of lavender, geranium, and tea tree oil. Perfect for use in office environments, spas, or any setting seeking to create a harmonious environment.

Energizing: Awaken your mind and increase energy with this blend of lemon and peppermint. Ideal for casinos, fitness centers, or other facilities looking to energize their patrons.

Arousing: A sexy and romantic blend of rose with warm sandalwood. Perfect for facilities trying to create a sexy vibe.

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Full Service

Our range of ambient scenting and odor remediation services are fully managed by our local service team. We will install the system and then visit regularly to change or refill the scent or adjust the concentration of the scent to your liking.

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