Energetic, crisp, and clean scents ideal for casinos, fitness centres or workplaces wanting to create an invigorating atmosphere. Examples of citrus notes include: lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, and clementine. Citrus oils relax the brain waves, which in turn increases alertness and concentration. Citrus scents are rejuvenating and stimulating, and best for high-energy environments.

Image showing the Citrus range of Premium Scenting scents from Ambius

Pink Grapefruit: The invigorating juices of ripe grapefruit and orange are paired with fruity peach and red berry nuances, sweetened by osmanthus, violet, and muguet. Creating an uplifting atmosphere that makes a space seem fresh and open.

Mojito: Based on the fashionable beverage, this scent contains the refreshing notes of key lime and green mint leaves, creating an effervescent and intoxicating atmosphere.

Citrus Splash:A refreshing and ozonic citrus with notes of mandarin orange and zesty lemon, with subtle fruity undertones of apple and pear.

Citrus Tea:This fresh, clean scent is a blend of red, white and green tea notes with a citrus accord of vibrant verbena and bergamot, along with fruit juices and a warm woodsy undertone.

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