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Long Beach office plant service experts

Hello and welcome to the Ambius Long Beach office. We are the guys that you call when you decide that the space you have needs a little something to make it better, more memorable, or more pleasant for employees, clients and customers. We can do it all for you so that you can focus on your business. We are the experts in office plants, indoor plant rentals, office plant services, scenting, holiday decor, green walls, artificial plants and more. Our shortest description is that we are interior landscaping specialists, but that really does encompass a lot.

Long Beach, CA, business owners and property owners want their areas and spaces to look fantastic inside and out. We can help make that happen and provide all of the benefits of plants for your space. Just call us or fill in our online form.

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Experts in indoor plant services

It takes more than just putting a few potted plants around the cubicles in your office. Our experts need to know how much light your office gets. The right plants that work with the light you have and that works with the decor and design of your space is important..

Having living floral arrangements is important for offices, hotels, retail spaces, malls, office buildings, and more. It takes professional knowledge and a sense of interior design and landscaping to make sure that the indoor plants and office plants in your Long Beach building compliment each other and will thrive just right. We can also help you maintain those plants with our plant technicians who will prune and water them to keep your space looking great.

Al Martin

Branch Manager, Ambius Long Beach

"What I enjoy most everyday, is interacting with people, both colleagues and customers. I have a deep seeded passion, for delivering quality service, to our customers and support to our colleagues. At Ambius we have years of experience in all facets of our business, from Award winning Designers, Installers to our Service Technicians."

From green walls to holiday decor

We can install green walls and talk to you about our vertical garden options so you can have plants that look fantastic and really set you apart. It will look great and offer you the benefit of a lot of living floral in a relatively small space.

Nothing brings about warm feelings and promotes goodwill more than having the right holiday decor for your Long Beach business or office space. We make sure that the holiday decorations you have are just right for the space and we'll get it professionally installed just in time. We have Christmas trees, garland, ornaments and other holiday displays ready to go.

Long Beach, CA, office plants services

You just have to call us or use our online contact form to set up an appointment. Tell us if you are looking for office plant services, office plant rentals, holiday decor, art, scenting or any of our other services. We'll make sure to get back to you and find out what your space needs to become truly outstanding.