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Louisville office plant specialists

You are more than welcome to the Ambius Louisville office location where we can guide you to the right people to provide you with your indoor landscaping and office plant services needs. We believe that every indoor space needs indoor plants, art, scenting and other interior landscaping in order to have a space that is pleasant. There are numerous benefits to having indoor office plants that will make the working environment more creative, productive and pleasant. Plus, with the green walls, vertical gardens and other office plant services we have you can really dazzle people who visit with lots of plants in a relatively small space.

Our experts are designers as well as plant experts. We have horticulturalists and designers who will analyze your space and come up with just the right solution. We can even offer art and scenting to add that extra touch that will set your office, hotel, mall or other space apart from the rest.

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Indoor landscaping designers

Indoor landscaping involves analyzing the space that you have and determining the right light levels for your space. Even if you have a lot of windows you might be surprised how low the light is. We have indoor plants that are low light plants to provide that green touch without needing as much light or maintenance as other plants. We also have plants that thrive in high light or situations where there is low water.

Louisville, KY, has a variety of climates depending on the season. We have plants that can stave off the winter blahs when it gets cooler and brighten the space all year long.

Mike White

Branch Manager, Ambius Louisville

Holiday decor professionally installed

When the holidays come and you have a retail space, you probably already know that having the right holiday decorations can create the perfect holiday feel and encourage shopping. The key to getting the most out of holiday decor is to get it installed at the right time during the key shopping season and then get it taken down fast. Our holiday decor experts can determine what decorations will work for your space, whether it's retail or something else, and get them installed professionally, quickly and in just the right place.

Louisville interior landscaping experts

Call us today or you can use our online contact form and get things moving. We have comprehensive interior landscaping, scenting, art and green wall services available. From indoor plant rental to office plant services to holiday decorating to anything in between we have a expert that will help you find the right solution for your space.