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Mesa, AZ, interior landscaping services

This is the Ambius Mesa office and we're here to help you make the most out of the space that you occupy. Whether you own an office building, apartments, hotel, or some other space where people congregate or work then we have interior landscaping experts who can help. Studies have shown that even having a little bit of live floral or green space around your office can help improve employee productivity, enhance creativity and just make the overall experience more pleasant. The same can be true of customers and clients.

The thing that sets the Ambius Mesa, AZ, office apart from the others in the world of office plant rental or indoor plant services is that we are interior landscaping experts. That means we don't just show up with random plants and start placing them around, but we get to know the space you want to enhance and come up with a solution from vertical gardens or green walls, to artificial plants, office plants, scenting, art and more.

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Office plant services

Brightening up the office is just one thing that living floral arrangements can do for your office space. They also help keep the air clean, keep the humidity levels right and can reduce the amount of pollutants in the interior atmosphere. With living green walls, LivePanel and other vertical garden solutions we can even fit a lot of office plants into a relatively small space.

Plus, our indoor plant specialists know the Mesa area and which plants work best for your indoor space. Whatever the light situation is like inside your building or if you want plants that need little water or lots of water, we can find the right ones for you.

Lynne Sutkowi

Branch Manager, Ambius Phoenix

"The Phoenix Ambius team to provide World Class service for all customers.  I have been with Ambius Phoenix for 7 years and in the Horticulture industry for 18 years. I am a Master Florist, Master Gardner in the State of Arizona and have vast knowledge of Interior plantscaping, as well as exterior plants."

Holiday decorating done right

We also are experts in holiday decor for your Mesa, AZ, space. We work with you all year long, if need be, to find the right decorations for you. Getting the right holiday display done for your retail space, or lobby area, can enhance the experience for clients, employees and shoppers. Get the holidays started off right by talking to one of our holiday decorating designers.

Interior landscaping experts available

Just call us or use our online contact form and one of our interior landscaping, office plant service or holiday decoration experts will call you right back. We will look at your space and find the right solutions whether it's office plants or something like scenting and art, we can find a way to really make the space set you apart from anyone else.