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Oakland office plant rental and service

The experts at the Ambius Oakland office are here to help you get the most out of the space you occupy. You have a lot of things on your mind running a business, so we understand that office plants may not have been high on your list. However, the right living floral, office plants, replica plants or vertical gardens, can create a space employees enjoy working in and customers and clients want to visit.

If you want to make sure that your building or office is a space to remember, call us via phone or fill out our online form!

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Oakland's indoor landscaping solution

Interior landscaping uses plants to enhance and beautify offices. Employees who don't have access to windows can get the benefits of plants through living green walls, live trees, and even replica plants. Imagine how people will talk about your place of business upon seeing a Green Wall dominating your lobby and reception area.

We help design the right solution for you to make sure it enhances the office, creating just the right environment you always envisioned.

John Eikenmeyer

Branch Manager, Ambius Oakland
"The fact that each day is different and takes me different places. I stay passionate by growing the business each day and not having any limits on what we can do at Ambius.  Our local team is special due to their experience, tenure, and their level of caring. We stand out from our competition due to our Training and Design Consultants."

Ambius does the holidays

If you have a retail space you probably already know having holiday decor up during the shopping season is important. Getting Christmas trees and a holiday display in your store creates an environment customers will spend time in and will shop longer. Premium ambient scenting makes the experience even better.

We design the holiday displays that work with your retail space or business and install the trees, displays, garland, holiday plants, poinsettias and more.

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