About Greener on the Inside

When you close your eyes and imagine an ideal setting what do you see? Is it a sandy beach overlooking crystal blue waves? Do you envision a peaceful garden or a flowing waterfall? Regardless of what your idea of perfection looks like, chances are that your idealized setting has something to do with nature. So many of us spend most of our waking lives inside, away from our natural surroundings while for the majority of humanity’s existence people lived in close connection to nature.

There is something deep-rooted in our psyche that is desperately seeking natural life – the feeling of sunshine, the sight of beautiful foliage, the sound of water running. The awesome way nature comforts us is almost impossible to put into words.

What can we do rectify the widespread nature deficiency so many of us deal with in our daily lives? Quit our day jobs and runaway to the wilderness? Not likely. This predicament that drags at the hearts of interior dwellers is the reason we decided to create Greener on the Inside – a blog dedicated to using nature to enhance interiors.

Although it may be difficult to steal away time to spend outdoors, you can always bring nature inside. Whether it’s a simple office plant that sits next to your computer or a majestic living green wall in your lobby that leaves visitors awestruck, there is so much we can do to reconnect with the natural world. Greener on the Inside is an online resource that will help you enrich the work experience and inspire minds.

Do you have an idea for the blog? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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