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Bryan has been writing in one form or another since he sat down at his mom's electric typewriter in the third grade. These days he is an online content creator for Ambius and helps manage their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media efforts.

VIDEO: Top 5 Benefits of Indoor Plants

plants and couch

There are so many things that indoor plants can do for a business. They make the offices brighter and more attractive, just for starters. There are also numerous environmental and health benefits to including indoor plants in your interior landscaping and design plans. For more information about what indoor plants can do and how Ambius [...]

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Biophilia and HealthCare

Hospital Lobby with plants

How plants and nature can help improve the health of patients and employees in healthcare facilities.

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Pantone’s Color of 2017: Greenery


Every years Pantone chooses a color of the year to set the trend. This year, in 2017, they have chosen Greenery.

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How Scenting Can Help Your Brand

Lavender field image with text

A scent can reawaken a whole host of memories and enhance someone’s mood. In a retail situation, it has been shown that scenting can increase how long customers stay in a store.

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8 Plant-Based Superheroes & Villains

Comic Book Image2

Comic books have all kinds of heroes. Here are 8 superheroes and villains that are based on plants.

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