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Patti Moody

My name is Patti Moody and I work as a Designer for Ambius. I revel in creating atmospheres for businesses which enrich the work experience and enable customers to thrive. I work with many medical, hospitality and corporate clients across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. When I walk into a client’s space, my goal is to walk away with a complete vision of how that space should look to best meet the emotional and physical needs of the client. I love people and I love collaborating with my clients and my colleagues to ensure that we exceed our customer’s expectations. When I'm not hard at work, I enjoy painting with watercolors, singing, scrap-booking, water sports, snow-skiing and spoiling my grandchildren.

The “Art” In Design: How To Choose Art For Your Office

The Art of Design

Design expert, Patti Moody, shares some advice on how to choose artwork for your office and why art can truly enhance your space.

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