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Ambius Customer Service: The Power of a Smile

Photo by Zitona

A blogger gains a greater appreciation for the power of a smile after spending the day riding along with an Ambius Customer Service Specialist on her plant care route.

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Infographic: How To Choose The Right Office Plant

Find the right plant species for your office with this interactive infographic. Click on the plants’ leaves to view recommendations based on the size of your business.

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Video: How To Care For Orchids At Home

Use these simple tips from interior plant expert and designer, Charlee Storner, to keep your orchids looking their best in your home.

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Photos: Fresh Floral Displays

Fresh Floral Display

View examples of stunning fresh floral displays in this vibrant photo gallery on Greener on the Inside. All displays were arranged by indoor plant provider, Ambius.

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Living Green Walls Add The Perfect Touch

Green Wall at Dupont

View an example of how living green walls can be used to compliment the interior design of a room.

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