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Photos: Holidays in Washington

Holidays in Washington

Take a photographic tour of Washington DC’s most beautiful holiday decorations installed by Ambius.

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Plantscaper Profile: Greenery Inspires Auto Retail Stores

Auto retailers throughout North America are using indoor plants to create a more relaxing shopping environment for customers.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

The Venus Fly Trap has been a constant source of fascination for plant enthusiasts since it was discovered in 1769. Learn everything you need to know about the carnivorous plant from Greener on the Inside.

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Scientists Looking To Extract Energy From Plants

Scientists Looking To Extract Energy From Plants

Recent studies have found that the wasted energy in the roots of plants may be a new source of renewable energy.

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Video: How Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality

Studies have shown that by adding plants to a building, the quality of air is improved. Watch this free video to see how it works.

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