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I am a Professional Writing major at Penn State University (Berks Campus). I will graduate in May 2014. I have finally decided to pursue my lifelong love of writing via a career change. I am a fulltime college student, fulltime father of two wonderful boys- 8 years and 5 months- and an avid reader of noir fiction, historical fiction and enjoy the occasional biography. I am also a freelance writer enjoying my summer internship with Rentokil in Reading, Pennsylvania as a marketing intern primarily writing for the blog sites for Rentokil and Ambius as well as content for the Rentokil and Ambius websites. I freelance for The Reading Eagle newspaper (Berks County, Pa) and I write for the Home Builders Association's award winning bi-monthly magazine, 'At Home In Berks'. A few of my hobbies are writing, watching and playing soccer with my 8 year-old son, watching my 8 year-old son play soccer, reading, watching old films (Kurosawa, Melville, Dasin, Wim Wenders, etc.), cooking and weekend jaunts to New York City.

How To Use Nature-Inspired Design In Offices

Nature Inspired Design

The Greener on the Inside blog shares some ways offices can use nature-inspired design to create a better workplace for colleagues and customers alike.

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4 Fall Perennials To Die For

Four Fall Perennials To Die For

These 4 fall perennials to die for will add the autumnal charm to your garden every year when the seasons change.

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Researchers Discover 400-Year-Old Plants

Researchers in Canada have made a discovery of plants that were buried beneath a glacier that are 400 years old.

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History of a Green Thumb: André Le Nôtre

André Le Nôtre was one of history’s foremost landscape designers and helped design some of the world’s most famous gardens, including the gardens at Chateau de Versailles.

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Plants Will Show You The Way

Did you know plants can be used to control foot traffic? Learn how our green friends can be utilized as way-finding tools in hospitals, shopping malls, and other buildings.

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