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Plants: An Essential Component of Green Buildings

Learn why plants are such a crucial component of every green building design and how your business can benefit from adding greenery.

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Reminiscing Paradise: Seduction by Hawaiian Hibiscus


Join Ambius blogger Steven as he reminisces about a beautiful island escape that encourages one to take life slow and stop to smell the Hibiscus.

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The Pitfalls of DIY Holiday Decorating for Businesses

This Holiday season don’t let DIY stand for Don’t Injure Yourself! Instead of stressing over decorations and planning, let Ambius handle the job for you!

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Why Do Plants Need Light?

Ever wonder why plants need light in order to live? Join Greener on the Inside as we explore how plants use light to grow and produce oxygen.

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History of a Green Thumb: Pietro Porcinai

Pietro Porcinai

Greener on the Inside examines the life and designs of famed Italian landscape designer, Pietro Porcinai, in their History of a Green Thumb series.

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