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Spice Up the Holidays with these Classic Herbs and Spices

Christmas atmosphere: spices, candies, cones and nuts

If someone were to ask you what the holidays smelled or tasted like, what would you say? Would you say fir trees and gingerbread cookies? What about scented candles, honey ham, or perhaps peppermint? The correct answer is all of the above, and a whole lot more, because everybody has their own unique idea of [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Knowing When Spring Has Sprung


There is more to the start of spring than a calendar date. March 20th can arrive with snow still falling and a general feeling that despite the calendar date, spring hasn’t arrived yet. The real spring comes with a distinct feeling to it that is recognizable and carries with it a sense of elation.  You [...]

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Gardens Gone Wild – Introducing Edible Landscapes

There’s a growing subculture of gardeners who are breaking from the traditional vegetable garden and bravely going where few gardeners have gone before. The days where vegetables are strictly relegated to wooden boxes or a small patch of land tucked away in the back corner of the yard are coming to an end as the [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Succulents

Succulents have long been one of the most popular types of indoor plants. There are a variety of reasons for their popularity. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and require very little care in the way of watering and pruning. There are some succulent species that don’t require a lot of [...]

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Video: May Gardening Tips

From harvesting rhubarb to planting out beds to removing weeds, the Eden Project shares some great gardening tips for the month of May in this short video.

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