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The Power of a “Green” Mall

Ambius Mall Project

Plants have a very positive influence on the experience that shoppers have in the mall. Ambius can contribute to the success of your retail space.

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Health Benefits of Plants In Hospitals

Hospital Lobby with plants

Plants offer a wide spectrum of benefits to healthcare facilities including cleaning the air and delivering a healthier experience for patients and visitors.

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How To Use Nature-Inspired Design In Offices

Nature Inspired Design

The Greener on the Inside blog shares some ways offices can use nature-inspired design to create a better workplace for colleagues and customers alike.

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Plants: An Essential Component of Green Buildings

Learn why plants are such a crucial component of every green building design and how your business can benefit from adding greenery.

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Beat The Summer Heat…With Plants!

Green facade (vegetation) is cooler than urban materials (brick).  University of Melbourne

With the dog days of summer at our door, we are all struggling to keep cool. Learn how plants and Green Walls can offer relief from the summer heat!

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