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Greenify Your Office On Earth Day With Plants

Greenify Your Office on Earth Day with Plants

Celebrate Earth Day by adding a new friend to your desk at work – a plant! Office plants clean the air and connect you to the revitalizing powers of nature.

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Living Green Walls Add The Perfect Touch

Green Wall at Dupont

View an example of how living green walls can be used to compliment the interior design of a room.

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While Google Nose is a Laugh, Scenting is No Joke

While Google Nose may be a humorous April Fools Day prank by the search engine giant, the use of scenting in modern day life is prevalent everywhere you turn.

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Ambius Across The Globe: Designing With A Concept In Mind

Ambius Across the Globe: Designing with a Concept In Mind

A premier provider of ambiance for businesses, Ambius is taking a more conceptual approach to enhancing healthcare facilities in the Netherlands.

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The DNA of a Green Wall

The DNA of a Green Wall - Queens University of Charlotte

Complete with the design of a DNA strand, the remarkable living green wall at Queens University of Charlotte has been unveiled on campus.

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