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Urban Gardening Tips

Urban Gardening

Are you interested in urban gardening? The Greener on the Inside blog explores the emerging popularity of gardening in urban areas and offers tips on how city dwellers can practice their green thumbs.

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Video: December Gardening Tips

The Eden Project shares 10 gardening tips you can try out in the month of December in this free video clip.

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How To Improve Office Productivity…With Plants!

Office Plants and Watering Can

Office plants have been found in multiple studies to help improve office productivity. Greener on the Inside explains how you can use plants in your space.

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Video: Healthy Plants Make Healthy Homes


Ambius Designer, Charlee Storner, was interviewed on the local St. Louis news about the benefits of plants indoors and recommends plant species to use in your home or business.

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How To Use Nature-Inspired Design In Offices

Nature Inspired Design

The Greener on the Inside blog shares some ways offices can use nature-inspired design to create a better workplace for colleagues and customers alike.

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