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Q and A sessions and/or quotes from Ambius designers and other Ambius experts!

The Healthy Building Revolution is Here: A Look into the ‘Drive Towards Healthier Buildings’ Report

A report sheds light on the market drivers causing large shifts within the construction industry leading to a renaissance in health-focused properties.

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Four Cozy Scents for Fall


These four fall scents will hep make your interior space truly feel like autumn and make your space more enjoyable to spend time in.

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How Scenting Can Help Your Brand

Lavender field image with text

A scent can reawaken a whole host of memories and enhance someone’s mood. In a retail situation, it has been shown that scenting can increase how long customers stay in a store.

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The Botanist’s Guide to Summer Cocktails

Mojito alcoholic drink

Maximize your garden’s yield and the good times at your next summer outing by preparing these amazing summer drinks for your friends and family.

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6 Reasons Why Plants Are Office Superheroes

3d superhero with small green plant concept

Plants, similar to superheroes, are incredibly powerful. Office plants benefit employees and the workplace overall.

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