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The Influence of Scent on Senior Care Residents’ Health & Wellbeing


Scenting can play a powerful role in enhancing the emotional well-being of residents in senior living homes. Learn which scents can enhance resident health.

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VIDEO: Top 5 Benefits of Indoor Plants

plants and couch

There are so many things that indoor plants can do for a business. They make the offices brighter and more attractive, just for starters. There are also numerous environmental and health benefits to including indoor plants in your interior landscaping and design plans. For more information about what indoor plants can do and how Ambius [...]

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Biophilia and HealthCare

Hospital Lobby with plants

How plants and nature can help improve the health of patients and employees in healthcare facilities.

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Scent Your Way to a Caring Senior Living Environment

Scent Your Space This Spring

How can scenting improve employee and residents well-being at a senior care home? Ambius has the facts on scenting and senior living environments.

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants in Airports

YVR Feb 8th 2017

Airports and air travel can be stressful due to delayed or canceled flights, missing luggage or long layovers. One component that enhances the passenger experience is airport design. Interior airport design can help counteract these situations and create a pleasant experience for passengers, employees and as a result, drive sales for retailers in airports. Airport [...]

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