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Q and A sessions and/or quotes from Ambius designers and other Ambius experts!

A Day at the Ambius Office

Headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, Ambius creates ambiance for businesses with their range of interior and exterior landscaping services.

With beautiful greenery and flowers, Ambius offices bring the outside in. See how Ambius uses plants in its own offices and maybe get some ideas for yours!

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Why Do Plants Need Light?

Ever wonder why plants need light in order to live? Join Greener on the Inside as we explore how plants use light to grow and produce oxygen.

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History of a Green Thumb: Pietro Porcinai

Pietro Porcinai

Greener on the Inside examines the life and designs of famed Italian landscape designer, Pietro Porcinai, in their History of a Green Thumb series.

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What Are The Benefits of Office Plants?

Blog Post: The Benefits of Office Plants

Get to know the many benefits of office plants and why it is crucial for every business to include greenery in their interiors.

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The “Art” In Design: How To Choose Art For Your Office

The Art of Design

Design expert, Patti Moody, shares some advice on how to choose artwork for your office and why art can truly enhance your space.

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