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What Are The Benefits of Office Plants?

Blog Post: The Benefits of Office Plants

Get to know the many benefits of office plants and why it is crucial for every business to include greenery in their interiors.

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The “Art” In Design: How To Choose Art For Your Office

The Art of Design

Design expert, Patti Moody, shares some advice on how to choose artwork for your office and why art can truly enhance your space.

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5 Interesting Orchid Facts

5 Interesting Orchid Facts

Love Orchids? Check out these 5 interesting facts!

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History of a Green Thumb: Fletcher Steele

Greener on the Inside’s History of a Green Thumb series profiles Fletcher Steele in June, recalling the life and times of one of America’s greatest landscape designers.

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The Ultimate Guide To Living Green Walls

The Ultimate Guide To Living Green Walls

Living green walls, structures of plant life installed vertically on the exterior or interior of a building, are the hottest trend in green design. Learn everything you know in Ambius’ Ultimate Guide to Living Green Walls.

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