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Q and A sessions and/or quotes from Ambius designers and other Ambius experts!

Biophilia: The State of Grace in the Workplace

Biophilia: The State of Grace In the Workplace

Biophilia, a term used to describe the innate need humans feel for nature, is influencing the way we design our building interiors. Greener on the Inside explores biophilia and its role in today’s world.

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Interview with Founder, Gerry Leider: A Look Back at 50 Years

Gerry Leider

In honor of Ambius’ 50th anniversary, Greener on the Inside spoke with founder Gerry Leider about how he started the company and how the business grew through the years.

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Biophilia Goes Down Under

Ambius Australia Plant Giveaway

Go behind-the-scenes the successful experiential promotional campaign where the Australia team gave away 10,000 plants to office workers.

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History of a Green Thumb: The Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Did the Hanging Gardens of Babylon contain the original vertical gardens? Take a look back at the ancient wonder and how it relates to green design today.

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How Green Walls Work: Irrigation

Learn about the different ways living green walls are irrigated, including both direct-fill and recirculating systems.

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