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Q and A sessions and/or quotes from Ambius designers and other Ambius experts!

Gardens Gone Wild – Introducing Edible Landscapes

There’s a growing subculture of gardeners who are breaking from the traditional vegetable garden and bravely going where few gardeners have gone before. The days where vegetables are strictly relegated to wooden boxes or a small patch of land tucked away in the back corner of the yard are coming to an end as the [...]

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Scent Marketing Makes Happy Shoppers

Scenting Collage Featured Image size

Retail owners can use scenting to create happy and content shoppers and increase the chances of sales.

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Caring for Indoor Plants During Winter Months

Indoor plants during winter

If you have indoor plants, find out how to take care of them during the winter months. Plants require special care when it’s cold.

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The New Year’s Guide to Lucky Foods

Edible Landscapes 1

Traditional “Good Luck” foods and vegetables that people eat on New Year’s Day to bring good fortune for the New Year.

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The Curious KISStory of Mistletoe

Bizarre Botanicals 1

The mysterious history behind the kissing plant and how the plant became associated with Christmas traditions and the Holidays.

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