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Q and A sessions and/or quotes from Ambius designers and other Ambius experts!

Seeds of Knowledge: Indestructible Plants for the Green Thumb-less

The succulent cactus Aloe Vera. Inside its leaves is a soothing gel perfect for cuts and burns.

Outline examining plants that require very little work and are easy to grow and maintain. This list discusses indestructible plants for people without green thumbs.

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How Ambius Spends Thanksgiving

holiday tree install250x150

We are thankful for all the Ambius colleagues that sacrifice their family time over Thanksgiving to install decorations for our many clients in the U.S.

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Creating a Winter Garden

Winter Garden250x150

Here are some tips from the experts on Ambius on the best plants for your winter garden.

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Botany Gone Bad: The History of the Deadly Nightshade Plant

Deadly Nightshade berries closeup.

In the spirit of Halloween, Greener on the Inside takes a look at Deadly Nightshade – a historically deadly plant.

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Five Amazing Autumn Herbs for Your Indoor Garden

All of the materials you need to have a successful indoor harvest is only a quick trip to the hardware store away.

The weather is getting cold and the growing season is ending. Here’s a list of delicious herbs that you can grow inside all winter long.

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