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3 Reasons Why You Need More Plants In Your Life

Why you Need More Plants in Your Life

Why does your business need plants? The Greener on the Inside blog lists three chief reasons why you need more plants in your life and how your company can benefit.

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Case Study: Garden Redesign Earns Customer LEED Points

Ambius Designer, Jon LaDow, helped a sustainability-focused customer earn LEED points while creating a lovely exterior container garden.

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Beautify Your Business On Blue Monday

Blue Monday

With the Monday of the last full week of January deemed “Blue Monday,” businesses can be proactive by investing in morale-boosting initiatives like adding plants to the office.

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Health Benefits of Plants In Hospitals

Hospital Lobby with plants

Plants offer a wide spectrum of benefits to healthcare facilities including cleaning the air and delivering a healthier experience for patients and visitors.

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Plant Profile: Metallica Palm

The Ambius Plant Doctor highlights Metallica Palm, Chamaedorea metallica, as a hardy indoor plant that will thrive in most interior environments, be it a home or business.

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