The Bristlecone Pine – The Oldest Living Thing on Planet Earth

Bristlecone Pine

The Oldest Living Things: A Bristlecone Pine in California is the oldest known individual living thing on the planet at an incredible 5,062-years old.

Standing 30 feet tall with a gnarled, ancient trunk and windswept limbs stands the oldest organism on Earth.

This tree has roots that pre-date Stonehenge by nearly 500 years and the Great Pyramids by several hundred more. Sitting on a lonely mountainside it is a non-descript natural wonder of the world hidden in plain sight.

At 5,062-years old, this ancient Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) is a living fossil and a testament to the extraordinary abilities that exist within the plant kingdom.

The Great Basin Bristlecone Pines are one of several varieties of Bristlecone pines, but what sets them apart from any other tree species in the world is their unrivalled lifespan – they continue to grow no matter what.

The secret to their success isn’t a fountain of youth or mystical immortality bestowed upon them by a mythological figure. The secret to their long life is their ability to adapt to their desolate and often unforgiving environment. Read More »

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The Untold Stories of the Plants that Make Our Favorite Fall Brews

coffee-cupLet’s face it, everyone has their personal favorite beverage that they immediately reach for once the leaves begin to change, the temperature drops, and fall turns to winter.

We spend a great deal of time during this part of the year discussing, Tweeting, and Instagramming our favorite seasonal drinks. We let everyone know how amazing they taste and where they absolutely must to go to try it.

You know which drinks I’m talking about. They are the classic, tried-and-true cold weather beverages also known as the big three: Hot tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate.

They don’t all taste exactly the same, there are slight recipe variations depending on which store you walk into, but they all contain the similar core ingredients. In all of the hype and press that swirls around these seasonal delicacies, it’s incredibly easy to lose sight of where it all started. It’s time to give some credit where credit is due.

‘These are the untold stories of the plants that make the amazing drinks we consume every holiday season. Read More »

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Holiday Décor Trends of 2015

2015 Holiday Decor TrendsWith fall beginning to fade and the promise of winter’s snows just ahead, the season for holiday magic is here once again. Over the next month or so lights will go up, wreaths will be hung, candles will be lit, and merriment will be had across every city and small town from coast to coast.

To help you get into the spirit, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most popular design trends that you will undoubtedly see as you explore the new Holiday landscapes this year.

“In 2015, expect to see prevalent holiday trends such as décor with lots of natural elements such as wooden accents, animals, and a touch of metal to add shine and sparkle,” says Ambius designer Laura Burns-Lambert. “I think both White and Black will become increasingly popular in 2015 and 2016. Overall colors have trended towards warm and cozy as opposed to outrageous and flashy.” Read More »

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Seeds of Knowledge: Indestructible Plants for the Green Thumb-less

watering plantEveryone agrees that plants are great, and for good reason. At a basic and important level, they provide the oxygen that we need to breathe. In addition, plants are great for decorating your house and office, they make great gifts, and they have a whole host of benefits for your health.

There’s a lot to love about our green, photosynthesizing companions.

However, plants are alive and need to be cared for properly in order to survive. This is a problem for those that simply do not have a green thumb, and anything green they touch or care for seems to wither and die regardless of how hard they try.

For this reason, we have put together a list of five indestructible indoor plants and matched them to the people we think they would be best suited for. If you know someone that just can’t seem to keep anything green or plant-like alive for more than a few days at a time, give them this list and you’ll give them some hope. Enjoy! Read More »

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How Ambius Spends Thanksgiving

Canary Wharf 17In recent years, there have been a lot of talk about the workers who have to go into their places of employment on Thanksgiving evening.

This debate is usually reserved for various retail outlets who have jumped on the bandwagon of getting an early start on Black Friday by opening Thanksgiving night.

Each year, the times businesses open seems to get earlier and earlier. Many employees have to shorten their holidays with their families or even miss it completely

Here at Ambius employees are also often working on Thanksgiving night, sometimes all night, and into Friday. Ambius colleagues design and install  holiday decorations for businesses of all kinds all across the country and around the world. Read More »

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