Why Do Plants Wilt?

Why do plants wilt?

Whether it’s outdoors or in a office, plants wilt in most situations because they’ve simply run out of available water. Water is constantly moving in a plant from the soil, into the roots up through the stems and out to the leaves.

Once water enters the leaves, most of the water (typically 95% or more) escapes through the leaves into the air through tiny holes in the leaves called stomata. This process is called transpiration and is somewhat similar to how we as people sweat.

You might think – is this 95% of water just wasted? Possibly, but it’s actually necessary. Read More »

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Botany Gone Bad: The History of the Deadly Nightshade Plant

Deadly Nightshade berries closeup.

The taste of horror: The berries of the deadly nightshade might taste sweet, but ingestion can be fatal.

The perennial herbaceous plant, Deadly Nightshade, has a very shadowy history, and its use by man throughout the centuries has been a harrowing tale of beauty, life, and death.

Deadly Nightshade is a part of the Solanacae family of flowering plants which includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and more, and can be found growing throughout most of the northern hemisphere. To the untrained eye, this perennial looks perfectly normal, but don’t be deceived, this is far from your average shrub.

During the Middle Ages, a beauty tonic made from the leaves and berries of the Deadly Nightshade was used by Venetian women to redden the pigment of their skin for a blush-like appearance. Read More »

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Taking the LEED – Green Design in the Modern Age

LEED Design enhanced

LEED is helping to create greener communities and happier, healthier people through energy efficient buildings and sensible and compassionate design.

There has been a trend in recent years towards creating energy efficient and environmentally sustainable businesses. This includes everything from the way we use paper, to the low-energy lighting we install, to the design of the buildings that we inhabit.

All of this is part of a global initiative to redefine the way we think about the buildings we design — how they work, how they affect the people living and working in them, and the communities and environments in which they operate. Read More »

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Five Amazing Autumn Herbs for Your Indoor Garden

All of the materials you need to have a successful indoor harvest is only a quick trip to the hardware store away.

All of the materials you need to have a successful indoor harvest is only a quick trip to the hardware store away.

For many of us, the beginning of Fall means the return of the cold. However, the sinking temperatures and the inevitable arrival of frost doesn’t have to spell the end to your growing season.

By following a few simple steps, you can grow incredible garden-fresh herbs all winter long.

So whether you’re a seasoned gardener with years of experience under your belt, or an enthusiastic first-timer who just left the garden department of the hardware store, here are a few tricks to keep your home green and growing on the inside while not much is growing outside.  Read More »

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The Importance of Plants in Retail Environments

Plants at a shopping mallRetailers are always looking for any advantage they can have over their competition. Creating a shopping experience that consumers enjoy is imperative to any store’s long-term success. Ensuring your retail space is inviting and a place that shoppers feel at ease builds loyalty and increases the likelihood of return visits.

Indoor plants are underestimated tool that can have a profound effect on a retail space’s ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. As we have often blogged about here at Greener on the Inside, plants tap into humanity’s innate need to be close to nature. Retail environments can harness nature’s inherent powers to put people at ease by decorating their space with lush greenery. Read More »

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