The Ultimate Guide to Office Plants

ultimate guide to office plants

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What is it about indoor plants that make us feel better? Nobody’s entirely sure of the complete answer to that question, but there seems to be something within us, something ancient, that craves being near nature in some form.

Perhaps our ancestors, who spent all of their time outdoors, are still inside of us, wanting to get out, get into the air and the open fields.

It is fairly common knowledge that plants are beneficial and bring do good things to human beings when they are introduced into an office atmosphere.

Just the sight of green plants, a little natural light, access to the outdoors, even a window soothes that savage beast inside of us that just wants to be outside.

Given our innate desire to be in nature, it’s curious that man has chosen to spend the bulk of his days inside. This is particularly true of offices, where we really spend most of our time.

Think about how many employees live and work inside cubicles, surrounded by the white walls of cubicles that are, in turn, surrounded by more white walls, topped with white ceilings and finished off with gray carpets.

These days, more than ever, the benefits of plants in the office are being studied, and the results are compelling. The list of benefits from office plants is growing all the time: increased creativity, improved productivity, reduces absenteeism, increased engagement with work, etc., etc.

We hear stories about “sick-building syndrome” and people discuss being depressed, sick, miserable inside their office. Why is that? Perhaps a better questions is: how do we stop that?

If that sounds interesting and like something that you might want to explore for your office, then you probably have questions. Questions about which plants to bring into the office, about where to put them. You may wonder if there are risks with live plants, or if they are hard to take care of.

Well, we have the answers for your here in our Ultimate Guide to Office Plants. So, ask away. Read More »

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How Odor Removal Helps with Flood Damage

Flood imageIt’s been a record summer so far in much of the country, but not necessarily in a good way. For many areas, this has been one of the wettest and highest-rain-producing summers on record.

For business owners, that means flood damage that goes beyond wet carpeting and damage to furniture.

Flood waters from overflowing rivers bring all kinds of pollutants with them. Those pollutants seep into the walls, the floor and everything that they touch. You may spend money and time drying everything out and replacing what was damaged, but you might have another problem: odor.

Water damage brings unpleasant odors. If you have spent any time in a musty basement you know the smell that we’re talking about. Read More »

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Ambius Wins 16 Trophies at International Plantscape Awards


The Ambius Designers with their 16 International Plantscape Awards.

The hard-working Ambius Designers love the work they do. Working with people and companies to create more compelling, exciting, and beautiful spaces is their passion and the reward they get from their work are the gasps of delight and surprise from the clients. Whether the work is creating memorable holiday displays, creating a unique look with indoor plants or designing a sprawling green wall, our designers are proud of their work.

All that being said, sometimes it’s also nice to get noticed and rewarded by the industry in which we work.

On July 13, 2015, during the Cultivate’15 industry event, sponsored by AmericanHort and held this year at the Columbus Convention Center, the International Plantscape Awards were held.

We are proud to say that 16 awards were given to Ambius designers for projects all over North America. Of those awards 14 of them were Platinum level and two were Gold level.  Read More »

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The Benefits of Planning Christmas in July

Start planning now for ChirstmasHave you ever wondered how the local mall or the business down the road gets those holiday decorations up so fast?

People always say that the holiday decorations come out earlier and earlier every year. Whether or not this is true is up for debate, but on average most businesses that go all out for decorating during the holidays want those decorations up fast just after Thanksgiving.

There are plenty of reasons for that. Despite what people say about the holiday season starting too early, people like seeing the Christmas trees, wreaths and displays. If you run a retail establishment and you want holiday shoppers to venture into your store,then getting those decorations up during shopping season makes sense. There’s nothing that gets people into the mood for holiday shopping quite like seeing festive decorations. Read More »

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Photo Essay: Hawaiian Grown Orchids

hawaii-orchid-collageOrchids are an amazing family of plants all belonging to the Orchidacaeae family which is recognized as the most diverse plant family in the world. The family of Orchids is incredibly vast, consisting of over 800 genera and over 20,000 known species! Orchid species are found throughout the world on every continent except Antarctica.

Orchids are famous for a variety of reasons, perhaps most notably their unique flowers. Most people are familiar with Phalaenopsis orchids (aka Moth Orchids). The immaculate blooms of Phalaenopsis orchids are very striking and come in a variety of colors. Although they look very delicate, they can actually perform quite well indoors. Read More »

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