Indoor Plant Care Tips for Fall

Indoor Plant Care Tips for FallThe fall means leaves, football, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Outside we see nature change and ready itself for the winter. We enjoy the beauty of the colors in the trees and marvel at the changing of the seasons.

The fall also means there will be shorter days ahead and colder weather which will result in less sunlight and drier air indoors. These changes, although small, can have an impact on indoor plants.

For the most part, the way you care for your houseplants or office plants will remain unchanged in the fall as compared to summer, spring or winter.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind as relates to interior plants as we enter autumn. Good news for you we have a couple of expert tips to help keep your plants healthy in the fall! Read More »

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The Benefits of Holiday Decorations for Your Business

Shopping mall interior decorated with christmas treeTry to imagine yourself out and about during the holiday season. The streets are lined with dozens of people, shuffling in and out of stores, their arms filled with packages and bags. There is the smell of Christmas and the holidays in the air and in every store and everything is decorated.

In front of you are two stores. They both contain the hard-to-find gift item that you have yet to check off your list. Both of them have the item at roughly the same price.

The one on the left, has not bothered to decorate for the holidays. Sullen employees in non-holiday clothing just walk around and look bored. Right next to that the other store is filled with wreaths, trees, garland. There is holiday music blaring from a speaker and when the door opens you can smell holiday-type scents.

Which store are you more likely to walk into? Read More »

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Case Study: Sherway Gardens

Modern Peaceful Harmony

Sherway Gardens Sherway Gardens has been one of Toronto’s premier shopping destinations for decades. It was named “Sherway Gardens” after the mall’s construction in 1973 because of its gardens that are strategically located throughout the mall.

Fast forward to today, the mall is in the process of undergoing a a major revitalization to enhance the overall shopping experience that their discerning shopper’s expect.

An important part to this historic renovation was to revitalize the lush gardens. The interior gardens have been an extremely important piece of the mall’s rich history and allure. The goal was to carry on that heritage by bringing them into the modern era with a fresh design.

Sherway Gardens reached out to the Ambius Toronto team and Ambius Project Manager of Retail Design & Construction, Yuko Frazier, for assistance with this project. Read More »

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Orchid Plant Care Guide

Orchid Plant Care GuideOf all the types of flowering plants in the world, orchids are one of the most beloved. There are numerous orchid societies throughout the world consisting of plant lovers devoted to the many beautiful species of orchids.

Everywhere you go, you’re likely to bump into an orchid. Whether one is sitting on a neighbor’s windowsill or an inviting hotel front desk, orchids never go out of style and always give beholders the impression of refinement and grace. Read More »

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The Ultimate Guide to Office Plants

ultimate guide to office plants

Click on any question below to be immediately taken to the answer!

What is it about indoor plants that make us feel better? Nobody’s entirely sure of the complete answer to that question, but there seems to be something within us, something ancient, that craves being near nature in some form.

Perhaps our ancestors, who spent all of their time outdoors, are still inside of us, wanting to get out, get into the air and the open fields.

It is fairly common knowledge that plants are beneficial and bring do good things to human beings when they are introduced into an office atmosphere.

Just the sight of green plants, a little natural light, access to the outdoors, even a window soothes that savage beast inside of us that just wants to be outside.

Given our innate desire to be in nature, it’s curious that man has chosen to spend the bulk of his days inside. This is particularly true of offices, where we really spend most of our time.

Think about how many employees live and work inside cubicles, surrounded by the white walls of cubicles that are, in turn, surrounded by more white walls, topped with white ceilings and finished off with gray carpets.

These days, more than ever, the benefits of plants in the office are being studied, and the results are compelling. The list of benefits from office plants is growing all the time: increased creativity, improved productivity, reduces absenteeism, increased engagement with work, etc., etc.

We hear stories about “sick-building syndrome” and people discuss being depressed, sick, miserable inside their office. Why is that? Perhaps a better questions is: how do we stop that?

If that sounds interesting and like something that you might want to explore for your office, then you probably have questions. Questions about which plants to bring into the office, about where to put them. You may wonder if there are risks with live plants, or if they are hard to take care of.

Well, we have the answers for your here in our Ultimate Guide to Office Plants. So, ask away. Read More »

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