Cold Weather Orchid Care Tips

Ambius Customer Service Specialist caring for orchidThe recent cold blast experienced in most parts of North America can cause home interiors to become quite chilly, particularly when people are away from their homes and the thermostat is turned down.

Depending on the type of indoor plant you have, it may or may not be affected adversely by the colder temperatures. A number of orchids can be affected by these temperature dips, particularly prior to and during blooming.

Phaleanopsis orchids (the type predominantly used with their characteristically large, ornate blooms) are classified as “Warm Orchids” meaning while in bloom they prefer warm temperatures and detest cold or even cool temperatures. Read More »

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4 Scents Perfect for Retail Stores

Scents used in retailDo you have a favorite store? Why do you enjoy shopping there? There’s one element that influences the shopping experience more than you would think: smell.

The human nose is able to detect more than 1 trillion scents. As our sense of smell is closely tied to memory and mood, the way a retail spaces smells can help determine a customer’s impression of a brand, the amount of time they spend in a store and even how much they spend.

Tapping into the subtle sense of smell is a powerful way for brands to create the  ‘experiences’ consumers crave.

As one of North America’s leading providers of scenting services, we here at Ambius help some of the biggest national brands create better in-store experiences with the use of state-of-the-art scent machines.

Our scents range from Rose Mist to Pink Grapefruit to Ginger Essence to Chocolate Chip Cookie. While different businesses often require very specific scents or even custom scents, there are a few fragrances that are very popular with retailer.  Below we’ve listed “4 Scents That Will Save Your Store” and some interesting information about why these scents are commonly permeated in the retail industry.  Read More »

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5 Tall Indoor Plants

Best Tall Indoor PlantsThere are a number of reasons that a business or homeowner would want to decorate their space with tall indoor plants.

Taller indoor plants exude the soothing feeling of shelter. People have an instinctive need to surround themselves with foliage. Also, using plants at varied heights (small, medium and tall) will help create the feel of nature indoors. Nature is random and by mixing up the size of your indoor plants your space will be able tap into the essence of the outdoors.

There are hundreds of plants that will grow indoors – many being small or medium in size. The number of taller plants is somewhat limited, although there are some out there that do well indoors. Five good tall indoor plants include: Read More »

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Poems and Songs About Plants

Songs and Poems about PlantsHumankind’s physical and psychological connection to plants is not something that is easily expressed. For as long as people have been living indoors, people have been beautifying their interior spaces with foliage. Be it the vine-like stems of a Hedera helix sitting atop a filing cabinet in your office or the noble leaves of a Ficus benjamina welcoming you into a hotel lobby, plants are everywhere.

Why is it that people are continually inspired by all things green and growing? For centuries, poets and songwriters have put pen to paper and tried to articulate the thoughts and feelings evoked by man’s relationship with plants and flowers. Plants of all sizes and shapes are often used for metaphors and as symbols of growth. I decided to spend some time reading and listening to some plant-themed poems and songs. I’ve posted a few video clips of my favorites below for your enjoyment.   Read More »

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2014 Christmas Trees Gallery

2014 Christmas Tree GalleryFor most Americans, Black Friday means waiting outside department stores in the cold and rushing through stores to get the best deals on presents. However, here at Ambius, Black Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving means long days adorning hotels, shopping centers, retail stores and office buildings with wreaths, garlands and sprawling Christmas Trees.

In 2014, Ambius has been fortunate to have installed and decorated a number of high-profile Christmas trees throughout the U.S. Ambius Design Consultants often work for months with their clients to finalize the designs and coordinate the installation.

The projects below are just some of the breathtaking Christmas trees Ambius had the privilege of designing in 2014. From Vancouver to Chicago to San Francisco, the Ambius elves worked their magic once again this year. Be sure to let us know your favorite tree in the comments section! Read More »

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