#GreenWallWednesday Photos

Green Wall WednesdayIf you like Ambius on Facebook or follow @Ambius on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed we love posting photos of our green wall projects. Evidence to the public’s growing interest in green walls (also commonly referred to as vertical gardens), our regular #GreenWallWednesday photos are typically our most popular posts and Tweets week in and week out. When they’re not installing floating gardens on cruise ships or consulting on large scale tree installations at the Smithsonian, the Ambius Special Projects team designs and installs green walls throughout North America.

Besides looking pretty, green walls provide businesses with a host of benefits such as harnessing the natural air-purifying powers of plants, earning buildings LEED credits and reducing both energy costs and noise levels. If your business is not in the market for a large green wall, we offer a number of freestanding systems and more compact systems such as LivePicture®. We invite you to join in the fun by sending us your green wall photos on Facebook or Twitter and using the hashtag #GreenWallWednesday. Here are a few examples of our most popular green wall project photos. Read More »

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Awesome Christmas Tree Install Time Lapse Video

Halloween has come and gone and the holiday season is drawing near. As your local holiday decorating experts, Ambius offices throughout the U.S. are busier than ever in preparation for installing decorations for our customers. From filling orders of poinsettia displays to erecting 30-foot Christmas trees, the green-thumbed elves at Ambius help spread the spirit of the holidays.

To give you a better perspective of how the holiday installation process works, the Ambius Philadelphia branch filmed an install of a stunning tree using a time-lapse camera. The video below shows all the hard work, creativity, coordination and teamwork that goes into installing a tree and adding all the decorations.

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Surprising Ways to Use Plants Indoors

Surprising Ways to Use Plants IndoorsBusinesses adorn their spaces with indoor plants for many different reasons. For example, a hotel may want to place inviting palms in their lobby so that guests are greeted by vibrant foliage. In an office, plants may be used to provide employees with a connection to nature while they spend countless hours indoors working. Recent studies have confirmed the long held beliefs that the addition of plants can improve employee productivity and workplace satisfaction.

There are other more obvious reasons why plants are so often found indoors: the inherent beauty of plant life and the sweet smells they provide in the instance of fresh floral displays. Here at Ambius, we often educate our customers about the tenets of Biophilla (the concept that humanity has an innate need to be connected to nature). How many hours do you spend indoors as oppose to outdoors? If you’re anything like the average American, you spend 90% or more of your time indoors.  Read More »

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New Study: Office Plants Can Improve Productivity Up To 15%

Office Plants Improve Productivtynew study by researchers from the universities of Cardiff, Exeter, Queensland and Groningen was published this month found that productivity can be increased by 15% in offices featuring “lean” designs by the addition of plant life. The researchers conducted the study in an office in the Netherlands and an office in the UK for multiple months. With the addition of plants in their offices, study participants completed tasks faster without comprising their quality of work.

Since the study was first published by the American Psychological Association, news media outlets such as TimeHuffington Post and The Guardian have featured stories about plants and productivity helping to raise public consciousness of the true impact plants can make in office settings. Lead researcher, Marlon Nieuwenhuis of Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, said:  “Our research suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.” In addition to the productivity benefits, the study also found that participants experienced a 40% increase in workplace satisfaction. Read More »

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Top 10 Christmas Trees of the World

Top 10 Christmas Trees of the World

A well decorated and lit tree is one of the most important parts of a successful holiday decoration for your business. These trees help give off a feeling of immense joy among everyone who looks at them. At Ambius, our designers spend months designing and installing these trees so that they are perfect for your customers and employees. For our designers, the holiday season is a year round process as they gather their inspiration for the next holiday.

In the spirit of the holidays and all things Christmas trees,  we bring to you the Top 10 Holiday Trees of the World. Read More »

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