The Money Tree Plant – Pachira aquatica

the money tree plantThe Pachira aquatica or the money tree is a tropical tree that is native to Central and South America, where it naturally grows in swamps. The name “money tree” is rumored to have originated from when a poor man prayed for money and he found the Pachira aquatica, took it home and began to make money by selling the seeds of the plant. So, unfortunately, you won’t strike gold by adding this attractive indoor plant species to your desk.

Although money may not actually grow out of this tree, many cultures regard it as a plant that brings good luck and harmony both in your life and in your home. One such example is the art of Feng Shui, in which you are supposed to place the money plant in the southeast corner of your house because that corner is to be ruled by greenery and wood. The leaves of the plant evoke coins, which are used to inspire your task to live in profusion.

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Video: May Gardening Tips

Are you excited to get back out in the garden? Use these helpful 10 tips from the Eden Project in May to whip your garden into shape ahead of summer.  Read More »

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How Do Scents Affect Your Mood?

How Scents Affect Your MoodSummer is drawing near and with that, smells of fresh cut grass, blossoming flowers and the ocean breeze. Your sense of smell actually sharpens in spring and summer with the air permeating with extra moisture.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the fact that the way a space smells would affect your mood. Obviously, if you’re in a place that has a disagreeable smell, you are more likely to be in a bad mood.

Conversely, if you walk into a room that features a pleasant smell, you are more likely to be a good mood. However, your sense of smell influences your moods much more than you may know. Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. As infants, smell is the first sense to develop. Our noses have as many as six million odor detecting cells. Read More »

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Video: Lemon Juice and Orchids

Did you know you can use lemon juice to help keep orchids looking clean and beautiful? Ambius design expert, Chris Karl, shares his expertise on how to properly use lemon juice with orchids in this short and informative eHow video. Read More »

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Photos: Vertical Garden Ideas

Cactus 42 Green WallVertical gardens (also commonly referred to as living walls or green walls) come in all shapes and sizes. The diverse structures of oxygen-producing plants are springing up everywhere you turn these days – shopping malls, headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, restaurants, hotels, and more. The market for green walls and green roofs are expected to grown by the billions in the coming years with more organizations interested in reaping the rewards the walls provide.

Plants shouldn’t be thought of as just decoration. These vertically sprawling walls of lush foliage are modern additions to design and architecture that deliver unrivaled benefits. Placing living green walls on the exterior of a building provides protection and reduces energy consumption, while on the interior they significantly improve the office environment, making it a healthier, more relaxing, energy efficient place to work. To give you a few vertical garden ideas for your own business, we’ve gathered a lush gallery of our past projects. Read More »

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