The Power of Scenting: Top Scents That Elicit Emotion

Premium Scenting

Among all of the senses, scent is the most powerful trigger of emotion and memory. We are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than what we see, hear, touch or taste. As a result, scent is a great tool businesses can use to increase sales and build their brand. From a retail standpoint, ambient scenting makes employees more helpful, while improving customer service perception. Additionally, studies have shown that scented stores are viewed as having higher quality when compared to non-scented stores.

Shoppers also see many benefits when shopping in stores featuring a pleasurable aroma, causing customers to spend significantly more. Ambius specifically formulates certain scents to appeal to different age groups and genders. We help our customers create customizable shopping experiences that are unique to their stores. To give you an idea of the different smells you could incorporate into your space, we put together a list of scents that have strong powers to elicit positive feelings and emotions. Read More »

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Photo Gallery: 2014 International Plantscape Awards

Ambius Designers With Awards

Each year, the interior landscaping industry comes together in Columbus, Ohio for Cultivate, to see the latest products, learn the latest trends, and connect with industry professionals in the landscaping and gardening industry. The Plant Institute of America (PIA) had their awards ceremony this year at Cultivate to honor professionals interiorscapers and their suppliers.

The International Plantscape Awards celebrate the achievements in the categories of Design; Installation; Horticultural Service; Major Renovation; Special Event & Holiday; Atrium and Conservatory; Silk, Replica & Preserved; Living Wall; Patio, Balcony and Roof Garden; and Technician.

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LivePicture: At The Crossroads of Art and Nature


At Ambius, our vision is to enhance the total workplace by engaging all the five senses. By tapping into our senses, we can create harmonious work environments that are more creative and productive. LivePicture® is a revolutionary living wall planter system that stimulates the senses by adding a touch of nature’s natural beauty. Through LivePicture®, we are able to combine art and nature to create a one of a kind offering. Instead of having boring, old pictures hanging on the walls of your office, use LivePicture® to create an exciting look that sparks conversation and ideas.

Plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment to move and work. When your comfort level in an environment is increased, you will experience less stress. LivePicture® allows businesses to harness the powerful benefits of plants which have been well documented as improving the well-being of building occupants. Rich with greenery, this easy-to-install living green wall system is useful in all types of environments, from office buildings to hospitals. Read More »

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Urban Gardening Tips

Urban Gardening

If you live in an urban area, there are certain things that seem like they may be impossible, such as having a yard to enjoy or finding a place to park your car, but gardening does not have to be one of those things. Urban gardening is the practice of growing plants in an urban environment. You may be surprised to know that urban gardening has a positive impact on the economy, the environment and food security.

If you live in a big city, you may not realize it, but urban gardeners are doing their work all around you. From lush rooftop gardens to colorful window hanging baskets, more citygoers are practicing their green thumbs. Although there is not one steadfast definition of urban gardening, it is usually grouped into two segments, container gardening and rooftop gardening. Read More »

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Why Are My Plants Turning Yellow?

Unhealthy Plants

One of the most frustrating things is when you work so hard to maintain and care for something and it doesn’t end up perfect! This situation has recently happened to me with my favorite indoor tomato plant in my home that I take care of everyday. I have noticed that in the past couple weeks that the leaves on it have begun to turn yellowish.

Luckily, since I work here at Ambius, I was able to chat with our horticulturalist, Matt Kostelnick, to ask him why this is happening. He said that it is very common for leaves on plants to turn yellow due to stress to the plant, which can be caused many different ways. Since this is such a common topic for prospective green thumbs, I thought I’d share what I learned from Matt on how to prevent indoor plants from turning yellow. Here’s to keeping plants happy and healthy!  Read More »

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