Video: How To Make Poinsettias Last

During the holidays, everyone loves to see bright, red poinsettias adorning displays in hotels, homes and shopping malls. Plant design expert, Janice Nath, shares her insight in the above video so that you can keep your poinsettias looking their best long into the New Year. Read More »

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Case Study: Garden Redesign Earns Customer LEED Points

Exterior Flowers

An expert in creating exterior landscaping designs, Jon LaDow takes pleasure in helping his clients achieve their design goals through environmentally sustainable means.  Jon recently newly designed an inviting exterior garden for a customer who manages a prestigious 12-story office building located at 475 14th Street in downtown Oakland, California. It was both beautiful and helped the customer receive the maximum LEED points.

The lovely exterior garden featured two dozen 4’-wide hexagon-shaped concrete containers, and one 30’ x 7’ raised bed. Created 10 years earlier, the containers featured annual plants and foliage that required replanting every other month. Fertilizer and pesticides were a part of every change-out, and maintaining the seasonal plant display required frequent watering, trimming and pruning. Read More »

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Beautify Your Business On Blue Monday

Do you have a case of the Mondays? You’re not alone. January 2oth, has been deemed – Blue Monday – the most depressing day of 2014. Eight years ago, UK-based psychologist/life coach Cliff Arnall revealed his formula for predicting the year’s most down-in-the-dumps day. While far from a scientific exactitude, Blue Monday is a great reminder for both individuals and organizations to remain positive and upbeat.

Businesses should explore new ways to keep staff engaged during the dogged days of January as low employee morale can sink productivity. Ambius supported research at the University of Exeter revealed last year that workplace malaise could be costing businesses as much as £93 billion annually. Read More »

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Video: How To Care for Wilted Orchid Blooms

Plant design specialist, Chris Karl, offers up some tips on how to care for wilted orchid blooms in this short video clip. Use Chris’ pointers to keep your orchids from drooping. Read More »

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Happy Holidays from Ambius!

Happy Holidays from Ambius

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