Video: How To Care for Wilted Orchid Blooms

Plant design specialist, Chris Karl, offers up some tips on how to care for wilted orchid blooms in this short video clip. Use Chris’ pointers to keep your orchids from drooping. Read More »

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Happy Holidays from Ambius!

Happy Holidays from Ambius

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Photos: 10 Amazing Ambius-Designed Holiday Trees

Northbrook Court Tree

A beautifully ornamented and illuminated tree is almost always the centerpiece to every holiday display. From the shopping mall to your living room, the towering evergreens signify the spirit of the holidays. Our holiday decorating teams across the world have decorated and installed trees of all sizes and styles. Be it a 62-foot tree in Laguna Beach or the famous Poinsettia Tree at the Mall in Columbia, Ambius erects some of the country’s most amazing holiday trees.

The installations and designs take months of preparations by Ambius colleagues. The process is truly a year-round process with holiday planning starting in January. With every tree and garland that is decorated, our colleagues take extreme care in meeting our customer’s complete satisfaction. We compiled these 10 examples of “Amazing Ambius-Designed Holiday Trees” to give you idea of just some of the great work our colleagues do during the holidays. Enjoy!

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Time-Lapse Video: Ambius Installs 40′ Tree in 12 Hours

The Ambius Washington D.C. branch installed this 40′ holiday tree at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It took a team of 12 more than 12 hours to erect the stunning tree.

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Poinsettia Care Tips

Poinsettia Care TipsPoinsettias are synonymous with the holidays and are a great plant to have during that time. Poinsettias are inexpensive, easy to handle/care for and fit in almost any space as they come in various sizes. If properly cared for, poinsettias can continue to display their beauty well into the New Year until Easter or even beyond.

Good plant care begins with purchasing healthy plants. Avoid buying poinsettias with thin or wilting foliage, broken stems or have an otherwise unhealthy appearance. Handle poinsettias with care and avoid rough handling which can break stems.

Temperature & Lighting 

Un-wrap poinsettias as soon as you bring them home to allow exposure to fresh air. Temperatures comfortable to humans are most ideal for poinsettias (low seventies during day time, low sixties at night). Hot/cold drafts should be avoided. Read More »

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