Poinsettia Care Tips

Poinsettia Care TipsPoinsettias are synonymous with the holidays and are a great plant to have during that time. Poinsettias are inexpensive, easy to handle/care for and fit in almost any space as they come in various sizes. If properly cared for, poinsettias can continue to display their beauty well into the New Year until Easter or even beyond.

Good plant care begins with purchasing healthy plants. Avoid buying poinsettias with thin or wilting foliage, broken stems or have an otherwise unhealthy appearance. Handle poinsettias with care and avoid rough handling which can break stems.

Temperature & Lighting 

Un-wrap poinsettias as soon as you bring them home to allow exposure to fresh air. Temperatures comfortable to humans are most ideal for poinsettias (low seventies during day time, low sixties at night). Hot/cold drafts should be avoided. Read More »

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U.S. Bank Wild Lights at the Saint Louis Zoo

Holiday Swans at St. Louis Zoo

While visions of hot summer days likely spring to mind when one first thinks of going to the Zoo, a new Ambius project at the Saint Louis Zoo might convince you otherwise. Ambius St. Louis this year had the esteemed privilege of providing installation and design consultation services for the Zoo’s holiday-themed “U.S. Bank Wild Lights” exhibit. U.S. Bank Wild Lights, which will be open through December 30th, wows Zoo visitors with a spectacle of half a million lights, illuminated trees and Zoo animals.

“Working with the Saint Louis Zoo has been so much fun. From hanging the 20-foot Wild Lights sign to installing an acrylic swan the size of a mini-van, it has been very exciting to be a part of this project,” said Charlee Storner, the St. Louis-based Designer at Ambius who spearheaded the project. “We collaborated with our Zoo colleagues to make sure each display had a distinct theme and told a story that Wild Lights attendees can enjoy.” Read More »

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Video: December Gardening Tips

For indoor plant care pointers, be sure to review our Top 10 Plant Care tips.
Read More »

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Health Benefits of Plants In Hospitals

Hospital Lobby with plants

Many people have a healthy fear of hospitals. That fear is perpetuated by the stress-inducing sterility of hard-tiled floors, the bland and unforgiving stench of illness and germ killing cleaning agents that are synonymous with all things unnatural.

Hospital administrators are starting to emerge from their long lasting comas to finally enact much needed change in the design of their facilities. Healthcare management is  understanding more and more that there are notable health and wellness benefits to well-designed natural landscapes-interior and exterior-that seriously impact clinical outcomes.

Employee morale, as well as patient satisfaction and visitor’s positive impressions are considerably enhanced by the inclusion of plants in hospitals. Facilities can even impact their bottom line with our green friends as patients and visitors will view the buildings in a more positive light when interior plants are present. Read More »

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How To Improve Office Productivity…With Plants!

Office Plants and Watering Can

In today’s concrete jungle of coffee mugs & cubicles, businesses continually struggle with the prospect of keeping their employees engaged and excited about their day-to-day work. One of the most overlooked aspects of improving office productivity is the investment a company is making in their workplace environment. Would you rather walk into an office with a reception area devoid of plant life or be greeted every morning by a fresh floral display? The aesthetic qualities of plants are obvious to the naked eye but office plants contribute much more than natural beauty.

The majority of our lives are spent shut off from the inherent benefits Mother Nature affords humanity. According to the EPA, Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors. Companies can combat the widespread nature displacement and even boost productivity by adding indoor plants to their office design. A study conducted by Psychologist Dr. Craig Knight of the University of Exeter found that “plants, in a well designed and personalized office environment can boost business effectiveness through improved staff productivity and creativity.” Read More »

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