Video: Behind the Scenes with Ambius Colleagues

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Photos: Ambius at Halloween

Ambius at Halloween

While Ambius specializes in helping businesses throughout the world decorate their spaces for the holidays, Christmas is not the only holiday Ambius celebrates with passion. Here at Ambius, we are really into Halloween. Coming to the office dressed in creative costume has long been a company tradition. In fact, dressing up in costumes in general is widely encouraged. I was shocked last October (my first with the company) to find Captain Jack Sparrow making copies, a prison inmate answering customer phone calls and someone with a werewolf mask making a pot of coffee in the kitchen.

I choose the safe route and went dressed as a soccer player as the new guy. I can’t wait to see what costumes Ambius colleagues come up with this year! Click “Read More” to sample some of the Halloween get-ups that have haunted the halls of the office over the years.

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How To Use Nature-Inspired Design In Offices

Nature Inspired Design

Biophilia, a term that originated with German-born American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, is the idea that humans possess the innate tendency to seek connections with nature. It comes as no surprise that many cubicle-confined office workers yearn for a return to all things natural. Particulate levels (including airborne spores) in the air can be reduced by as much as 20% in some instances with the introduction of indoor plants into an office setting.

Natural materials are typically in short supply in most offices. Plastic chairs, metal desks, metal cabinets, allergen-loaded carpets add no health benefit whatsoever to the place where people spend the majority of their waking lives.  A healthy dose of greenery in the office can help alleviate symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and studies have shown that plants have helped increase employee productivity. Natural sensory stimulation, through plants in the office, is the ideal way to improve the health and wealth of employees and clients alike. Read More »

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Video: Plants Perfect for the Workplace

As displayed in the television interview above, our very own JOanne Craft is a plant expert will an eye for interior design. View examples of JO’s plant design projects by visiting her online portfolio. Read More »

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Plant Profile: Metallica Palm


Chamaedorea metallica (common name: Metallica Palm, also known as Metal Palm and Miniature Fishtail Palm) is a tough, slow-growing, resilient palm, tolerant of relatively low-light. It makes a good houseplant and used commonly in commercial settings. Metallica Palm are grown outdoors in USDA zones 9-12. Its mature height is five feet tall.

Metallica palm is native to shady understory forest beds of Mexico, which helps make it tolerant of low-light. Due to its low-light adaptations, Metallica palm is best kept out of direct sunlight. The stiff, undivided leaves are borne on a single-stem trunk and are dark blue-green with a metallic sheen with a ‘fish-tail’ shape.  Large, dark-green leaves are a common trait of low-light plants including Spathiphyllum, Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant), and Janet Craig Dracaena.

Metallica palms occasionally flower, producing attractive red, purple, or orange flowers, eventually giving way to small black fruits which are non-edible. Read More »

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