Plant Profile: Metallica Palm


Chamaedorea metallica (common name: Metallica Palm, also known as Metal Palm and Miniature Fishtail Palm) is a tough, slow-growing, resilient palm, tolerant of relatively low-light. It makes a good houseplant and used commonly in commercial settings. Metallica Palm are grown outdoors in USDA zones 9-12. Its mature height is five feet tall.

Metallica palm is native to shady understory forest beds of Mexico, which helps make it tolerant of low-light. Due to its low-light adaptations, Metallica palm is best kept out of direct sunlight. The stiff, undivided leaves are borne on a single-stem trunk and are dark blue-green with a metallic sheen with a ‘fish-tail’ shape.  Large, dark-green leaves are a common trait of low-light plants including Spathiphyllum, Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant), and Janet Craig Dracaena.

Metallica palms occasionally flower, producing attractive red, purple, or orange flowers, eventually giving way to small black fruits which are non-edible. Read More »

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Video: October Gardening Tips

When the weather gets cold you can always ply your green thumb indoors! Review the Ambius plant catalog to find a low light, medium light or high light plant species to your liking. Read More »

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The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Decorations

The holidays are a wonderful time of year; over-indulging, visiting family & friends and taking a break from the stresses and toils of everyday life. Whether you’re at home or at work, the decorations are an incredibly important part of the holiday season.

We created this Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorations to show you how to boost your business or adorn your home, so that you are ready to welcome everyone for the holidays.

Why Have Holiday Decorations? Needless to say that the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without them – decorations are a big deal for both homes and businesses alike. Decorating the tree and turning on the lights is a family event that can really make the holidays feel festive and businesses don’t want to be left out. Read More »

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Video: How To Select a Grow Light

For more instructional videos featuring Ambius Designer, Janice Nath, click here! Read More »

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4 Fall Perennials To Die For

Summer has come and gone. It is that time of year when crisper air bears witness to the joyous cries and sighs of eager children everywhere as classrooms swell to capacity. Do not succumb to the temptation of climbing into your backyard hammock. Take the time to relish your backyard paradise before the weather makes it impossible! Now is the ideal time to appreciate and savor your fall foliage. And fall blooming perennials are meant to be savored.

The Loyalty of Fall Perennials Extending garden intrigue even into winter, fall blooming perennials provide a range of colors from pink and purple to white and gold. Perennials, like loyal friends, accompany us along the journey of the seasons, year after year. Dried flower heads and stalks left to stand over winter will add structure and form to your garden while, simultaneously, providing shelter and nourishment for birds and other wildlife. Read More »

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