How To Improve Office Productivity…With Plants!

Office Plants and Watering Can

In today’s concrete jungle of coffee mugs & cubicles, businesses continually struggle with the prospect of keeping their employees engaged and excited about their day-to-day work. One of the most overlooked aspects of improving office productivity is the investment a company is making in their workplace environment. Would you rather walk into an office with a reception area devoid of plant life or be greeted every morning by a fresh floral display? The aesthetic qualities of plants are obvious to the naked eye but office plants contribute much more than natural beauty.

The majority of our lives are spent shut off from the inherent benefits Mother Nature affords humanity. According to the EPA, Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors. Companies can combat the widespread nature displacement and even boost productivity by adding indoor plants to their office design. A study conducted by Psychologist Dr. Craig Knight of the University of Exeter found that “plants, in a well designed and personalized office environment can boost business effectiveness through improved staff productivity and creativity.” Read More »

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Video: Healthy Plants Make Healthy Homes

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Lancaster General Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute Green Wall

Lancaster Green Wall Collage

When one speaks of the healing powers of nature, it makes only sense that plant life is often abundant in healthcare facilities. Studies have found that patients have even showed fewer post-surgery complications when they have a view of nature from their hospital bed. Living green walls have also become popular additions to hospitals as the vertically beautiful paneled structures of living, breathing plants help clean the air and reduce dust levels.

Ambius was fortunate to be contracted by Lancaster Health to design and install a green wall in the lobby of their brand new Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute. The state-of-the-art facility is a remarkable institution of healing and we were proud to be a part of the project. The wall is intended to help create a calm environment for patients receiving treatments and families supporting their sick loved ones. Click “Read More” to view a complete gallery of the wall.

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Video: Behind the Scenes with Ambius Colleagues

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Photos: Ambius at Halloween

Ambius at Halloween

While Ambius specializes in helping businesses throughout the world decorate their spaces for the holidays, Christmas is not the only holiday Ambius celebrates with passion. Here at Ambius, we are really into Halloween. Coming to the office dressed in creative costume has long been a company tradition. In fact, dressing up in costumes in general is widely encouraged. I was shocked last October (my first with the company) to find Captain Jack Sparrow making copies, a prison inmate answering customer phone calls and someone with a werewolf mask making a pot of coffee in the kitchen.

I choose the safe route and went dressed as a soccer player as the new guy. I can’t wait to see what costumes Ambius colleagues come up with this year! Click “Read More” to sample some of the Halloween get-ups that have haunted the halls of the office over the years.

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