Video: Ambius 50th Anniversary Message From The President

Click the read more button to read Ambius President/CEO John Myers’ 50th Anniversary message in full. Read More »

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Researchers Discover 400-Year-Old Plants

Image via Catherine La Farge

A group of plants estimated to be 400 years old have been re-discovered by Canadian biologist, Catherine La Farge. She has been studying these plants known as ‘bryophytes’, at the University of Alberta.

La Farge, along with her colleagues (Krista H. Williams and John H. England), have learned that the bryophytes were buried under ice for the past four centuries on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, can endure the harshest polar environments.

However, as bitter as the cold may be in Canada’s northern-most polar region, the modern realities of climate change in which glaciers are melting and sheets of ice are rapidly diminishing, are ushering in new possibilities. Read More »

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Video: How To Cut Orchids Properly

Looking to add an orchid display in your business interior? Click here to learn about Ambius’ blooming rotational program. Read More »

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History of a Green Thumb: André Le Nôtre

André Le Nôtre was born into a family of talented gardeners. His father, Jean Le Nôtre, was the head gardener of King Louis XIII at the Tuileries Gardens. André overtook his father’s position of head gardener on June 26, 1637.

He was responsible for the areas of the gardens closest to the palace, including the Orangery which was built by Simon Bouchard. He was appointed “draughtsman of plants and terraces” for Anne of Austria in 1643 and in 1645-1646 he worked on the modernization of the gardens of the Chateau de Fontainebleau.

Le Nôtre expressed himself purely through his garden creations, seldom writing down his ideas and approaches to gardening. He even became a trusted advisor to King Louis XIV. Read More »

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Titan Arum Bloom Time Lapse Video

Titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum, is the largest flower in the world (not counting branched flowers) and when in bloom, a true marvel to behold. The above video from Cornell University shows the miraculous blooming process the plant goes through. Read More »

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