Plants Will Show You The Way

The mere thought of signposting with plants ushers in images of a classic-horror film titled, “The Shining.” Jack Torrance, portrayed by prolific actor, Jack Nicholson, is eager to finish the novel that he started writing but can’t because his sanity spirals out of control. He chases after his young son Danny, wildly swinging an axe in hand, into the garden maze only never to find his way back out of the maze- alive.

Fortunately, for everyday people, finding one’s way around a very large space, such as  an airport or shopping center, doesn’t need to be as stressful as fleeing from an axe-wielding lunatic. Perhaps signposting can simultaneously invigorate and soothe the weary-eyed traveler. Read More »

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Video: The Benefits of Living Green Walls

Curious about living green walls? Pay a visit to our green wall gallery to view examples of these eco-friendly structures. Read More »

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Photo Gallery: 2013 PIA Award-Winning Projects

The Ambius Designers with their 12 2013 PIA Awards :)

Every year, the plantscaping industry gathers for a few days in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for the Plantscape Industry & Expo to share ideas and discuss trends. The expo is concluded by the annual PIA Awards Celebration Gala where the best projects in the industry are honored. The PIA Awards celebrate projects in the following categories:  Design; Installation; Horticultural Service; Major Renovation; Special Events & Holiday; Atrium; Green Roof; Exterior Garden; Replica & Preserved; & Living Wall.

Thanks the hard work and imagination of our Designers, Ambius was bestowed with an amazing 12 PIA Awards in 2013. From towering living green walls to gorgeous atrium plant displays to astonishing commercial holiday designs, our designers submitted an amazing collection of projects for awards this year. We are so proud of their work and salute all our colleagues that worked hard on the design and installation of these projects. Below we have listed all the 2013 PIA Award-winning projects. Read More »

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Video: How To Transplant Plants

For more informative videos, visit Janice Nath’s media page on her designer website. Read More »

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Plants: An Essential Component of Green Buildings

The Green Building Movement

Going green is much more than a trendy notion. It is modern day sustainability in the age of climate change. The Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, in Chicago’s Ashburn neighborhood, is just one of the many awe-inspiring examples on display in this midwest mecca. Enhancing students’ education and building efficiency are the school’s green features, which include a 34,000-square-foot vegetated roof replete with walkways and a plaza. The newly built school is a modern, jaw-dropping 207,00 square foot masterpiece and a harbinger of great things to come.

Chicago also has enjoyed the expansion of numerous ‘green building’ projects as many public school buildings, libraries, police, fire and other city buildings have benefitted from what began back in the early 1990’s under Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s determination to make the city greener. Ultimately, greener design leads to reduced energy consumption as well healthier naturally-filtered air due to the increased use of plants. Read More »

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