Video: How To Select a Grow Light

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4 Fall Perennials To Die For

Summer has come and gone. It is that time of year when crisper air bears witness to the joyous cries and sighs of eager children everywhere as classrooms swell to capacity. Do not succumb to the temptation of climbing into your backyard hammock. Take the time to relish your backyard paradise before the weather makes it impossible! Now is the ideal time to appreciate and savor your fall foliage. And fall blooming perennials are meant to be savored.

The Loyalty of Fall Perennials Extending garden intrigue even into winter, fall blooming perennials provide a range of colors from pink and purple to white and gold. Perennials, like loyal friends, accompany us along the journey of the seasons, year after year. Dried flower heads and stalks left to stand over winter will add structure and form to your garden while, simultaneously, providing shelter and nourishment for birds and other wildlife. Read More »

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Video: Ambius 50th Anniversary Message From The President

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Researchers Discover 400-Year-Old Plants

Image via Catherine La Farge

A group of plants estimated to be 400 years old have been re-discovered by Canadian biologist, Catherine La Farge. She has been studying these plants known as ‘bryophytes’, at the University of Alberta.

La Farge, along with her colleagues (Krista H. Williams and John H. England), have learned that the bryophytes were buried under ice for the past four centuries on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, can endure the harshest polar environments.

However, as bitter as the cold may be in Canada’s northern-most polar region, the modern realities of climate change in which glaciers are melting and sheets of ice are rapidly diminishing, are ushering in new possibilities. Read More »

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Video: How To Cut Orchids Properly

Looking to add an orchid display in your business interior? Click here to learn about Ambius’ blooming rotational program. Read More »

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