Video: How To Transplant Plants

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Plants: An Essential Component of Green Buildings

The Green Building Movement

Going green is much more than a trendy notion. It is modern day sustainability in the age of climate change. The Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, in Chicago’s Ashburn neighborhood, is just one of the many awe-inspiring examples on display in this midwest mecca. Enhancing students’ education and building efficiency are the school’s green features, which include a 34,000-square-foot vegetated roof replete with walkways and a plaza. The newly built school is a modern, jaw-dropping 207,00 square foot masterpiece and a harbinger of great things to come.

Chicago also has enjoyed the expansion of numerous ‘green building’ projects as many public school buildings, libraries, police, fire and other city buildings have benefitted from what began back in the early 1990’s under Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s determination to make the city greener. Ultimately, greener design leads to reduced energy consumption as well healthier naturally-filtered air due to the increased use of plants. Read More »

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Video: Top 10 Orchid Care Tips

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5 Beautiful Botanic Gardens To Visit

With summer fading fast and school just around the corner, people are trying to send summer out with style with vacations and final plans.  Whether it is last minute road trip or a planed week-long excursion, why not include plants in your trip?

Here at Ambius, we pride ourselves on being able to bring the outside in.  However, while a plant on your desk makes us happy, we also want people to enjoy the natural beauty of the world outside, in the fresh air.  With this in mind, why not visit your local botanical garden?  Botanical gardens are excellent ways to experience plants, flowers, and nature in a fun way.  Check out these five amazing gardens that you might just want to include them in your next trip. Read More »

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Video: August Gardening Tips

For more gardening tips, check out Eden Project TV on YouTube here. Read More »

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