Beat The Summer Heat…With Plants!

With the dog days of summer bearing down on us, some begin to long for a crisp winter’s day or a nice fall breeze.  With temperatures well over 100 degrees in areas of the United States, it’s no wonder this thinking has come about.  However, why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy these boiling days?  If only there was some way to cool down city streets and make the heat manageable.  Oh wait, there is: plants.

A recent study from the University of Melbourne shows that plants can directly reduce heat by up to nine degrees.  While this might not seem like a lot, there is a big difference (to me at least) between 81° and 90°.  Plants act like natural air conditioners and evaporate water in their leaves to leave the air nice and cool. More plants please! Read More »

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An Auto Body Shop With Nature’s Touch

When you think of auto body shops, lush, green foliage may not be the first image that springs to mind. However, an innovative plant display is at the center of the interior design at Selecta Auto Body. The Bay Area auto specialists opened their new eco-friendly shop recently in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, complete with suspended planters hanging from their shop wall. Selecta Auto Body owner, J.R. Hubbarb, worked for plantscaping company Plant Design in his mid-twenties as a plant care technician.

While working at Plant Design, J.R. became fast friends with plant designer, Jon LaDow. So when the time came to add nature’s touch to his new shop, J.R. knew Jon was the right person for the job.

Well-known in the industry for his design prowess, Jon LaDow has won widespread praise for his eye-catching exterior/interior landscapes and imaginative holiday displays. When J.R. contacted him about the project, Jon jumped at the opportunity to help a friend and work on an atypical project. After serving customers for nearly 40 years out of their previous location, Selecta set out to upgrade to a new location that not only allowed for better equipment but enabled J.R. and team to create a truly green building. Read More »

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Reminiscing Paradise: Seduction by Hawaiian Hibiscus

There it sits, in all its beautiful splendor, radiating a warmth that performs magical wonders on any rainy day when sunlight has decided to call-in-sick. A beautiful red Hibiscus flower helps to start each day anew in a reinvigorating manner. It is stunningly beautiful in a way that is more on par with fantasy than reality. E.O. Wilson was certainly on to something with his concept of Biophilia: man’s innate need for nature. However, the Red Hibiscus goes well beyond getting-in-touch with nature; it fast forwards to magical seduction.

Losing oneself in the warm embrace of this potted beauty is akin to a trip back in time to one of the world’s most breathtaking vistas- Maui, Hawaii. The mythic aura of Maui, which culminated in an invigorating climb atop Mauna Haleakala, in order to witness the intimidating expanse of a towering dormant volcano whose crater could easily contain all of Manhattan, simply froze time. Read More »

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The Pitfalls of DIY Holiday Decorating for Businesses

Tis The Season

This Christmas holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to give the gift of beautiful, stimulating and reinvigorating work spaces replete with stunning commercial Christmas decor. The holiday decorating professionals at Ambius will tend to all of your Christmas holiday decorating needs and desires.

Too many people pull out the old creaking and dust-covered ladders and other gravity-defying  contraptions only to needlessly suffer slips and falls that result in the inevitable trips to emergency rooms wasting time, money and health. Hold on to your good health and peace of mind, this holiday season, while we tend to all of your holiday decorating needs. After all, D.I.Y. is commendable but not when it involves traipsing from the ceiling with arms full of garland and other decorations. D.I.Y. also means, ‘Don’t Injure Yourself’. ‘ Below are a few reasons why it is best to leave the holidays to the pros and how you can better enhance your business during the most wonderful time of the year. Read More »

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How Plants Boost Productivity

How Plants Boost ProductivityColumbia, SC is almost like a bowl; it is as if the entire state concaves into the city.  However, in the center, where the University is, the landscape shoots up again and culminates in near 90° hills where you constantly worry your car will start rolling backwards.  While most people think this geographic feature just makes the city “famously hot,”( because it is where the heat and humidity settle), it also provides spectacular views to its inhabitants.

Last year, I lived in one of the dorms on the edge of campus that faced away from both the city and university.  I remember on move in day looking out my window and marveling at the view.  All I could see were trees in every shade of green; only occasionally, were they interrupted by a lone building.  This view would become my favorite thing about the room. Little did I know that nature was having a greater effect on I could comprehend. Plants and the natural world can help make us more productive in our daily lives.  Read More »

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