Biophilia Goes Down Under

Here at Greener on the Inside, we are all about promoting office plants and nature-inspired design through interesting blog posts. However, our Ambius colleagues in Australia took the task of raising awareness about the benefits of plants to a whole new level. This past March and April, the Ambius team gave away 10,000 plants to Australians while educating office workers on the tenents of Biophilia (humanity’s innate need for nature).  The response was remarkable with prospective plant owners lining up during their lunch breaks in Brisbane and Sydney to receive their new green friends. To gain a better perspective on the campaign, Greener on the Inside chatted with Anne Briggs, Marketing & Communications Manager for Ambius in Australia.

Greener on the Inside: Tell me about the campaign’s theme of Biophilia. What types of things did you want to make people more aware of about plants?

Anne Briggs: We all instinctively seem to understand that we are somehow innately connected with other living things – a term referred to as Biophilia (‘bio’ meaning earth and ‘philia’ meaning ‘a love of’, so a “love of the earth”). This concept was identified by biologist, Edward O. Wilson, in his 1984 book titled, Biophilia, where he details the close association of humans to nature, which includes plants, animals and weather. Wilson found that, when given a choice, people gravitate towards environments that incorporate features found in a natural environment.  This includes: good natural light, clean air and optimal space to do your work effectively, ideally featuring views of outside & a connection to living things such as plants. Read More »

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Photos: 5 Amazing Orchids

The Flying Duck Orchid

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History of a Green Thumb: The Hanging Gardens

In modern times, living green walls are springing up in bustling metropolises around the globe. Each new green wall project seems to outdo the last as architects continue to imagine new possibilities for green design. While today’s walls of green are mighty impressive, none of them live up to history’s most famous (and possibly fictional) vertical garden – the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

In my youth, I went through a stage in middle school where I obsessed over the “7 Wonder of the Ancient World.” The sprawling seaside sculpture, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Giant Pyramid of Giza and all the other ancient wonders fascinated me greatly but Babylon’s Hanging Gardens was always my favorite. As the story goes, King Nebakanezer II, the king of Babylon, constructed the Hanging Gardens outside modern-day Baghdad along the great Euphrates River. Read More »

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Video: Tips on Building a Tropical Landscape

Looking for more tips on how to better your garden this year? Visit Chris Karl’s video page for more instructional videos! Read More »

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Plants May Be Slowing Global Warming

Plants play a bigger role in your daily life than you might think. A recent study published by Nature Geosceience found that plants can help “mitigate the warming caused by greenhouse gases.” The study suggests that plants respond to fluctuations in the climate and release temperature-cooling aerosols. It was found that when temperatures rise, more of these biogenic aerosols are released into the atmosphere.

In rural areas rich with forestland, the researchers estimated that plants could be reducing global warming by 30%. Collecting data at 11 separate locations worldwide, the research team from IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) and the University of Helsinki surveyed the amount of plant-produced aerosols in the atmosphere in relation to the temperature. Read More »

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