While Google Nose is a Laugh, Scenting is No Joke

Google enacted their annual April Fools prank today by introducing the world to, Google NoseBETA – a fictitious web service that allows users to search for their favorite scents…via their noses. Dubbed “The new¬†scentsation in search,” Google NoseBETA uses “new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available.”

Although the mental image of people walking around sniffing their smart phones or bending over their desks to snag a whiff of their computer screen is undoubtedly hilarious, the vital role our sense of smell plays in our daily life is serious business. Businesses in a wide breadth of industries, utilize scenting services to create better environments for their customers and employees. Read More »

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Video: April Gardening Tips

Exercise your green thumb the right way by reviewing our Top 10 Plant Care Tips.

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Photos: Bright & Beautiful Easter Display

Click ‘Read More’ to view a full gallery of bright and beautiful Easter displays!

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Ambius Across The Globe: Designing With A Concept In Mind

Every decision that is made in the design of an interior is often associated with a larger concept. For example, a ski lodge’s lobby may be designed with a rustic concept in mind while an oceanfront hotel’s lobby may be designed to reflect an aquatic concept. Our Ambius colleagues in the Netherlands have taken the idea one step further by taking a more conceptual approach to enhancing interiors.

Instead of focusing on specific services for clients, Ambius has begun to approach healthcare facilities in the Netherlands with a multifaceted “healing” concept that evokes a spirit of health and wellness. It is vitally important for hospitals and nursing homes to instill a sense of healthiness in their buildings. People who frequent medical facilities are often sick and not feeling 100%. By communicating a design idea around a concept of health, wellness, and sustainability, clients in the healthcare industry can easily understand how Ambius can enhance their interiors on multiple levels. Read More »

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5 Ways Your Sense of Smell Influences Your Everyday Life

When you think of the five senses, your mind might leap first to your sense of sight and all the visual wonders you might behold. Perhaps you’re like me and usually think first with your stomach, placing taste at the top of your sense priority. However, you might be surprised at how important of a role your sense of smell plays in your day-to-day decisions, emotions, and memories.

Anyone who makes choices about business interiors should always remain conscious of how the space is experienced by smell. Whether it’s a retail space with customers, a hotel lobby with guests, or an office space with clients and employees, scents (both pleasing and off-putting) can make a big difference. Why is our sense of smell so important? Read below to discover 5 ways smell influences your everyday life. Read More »

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