History of a Green Thumb: Frederick Law Olmsted

“The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it; tranquilizes it and yet enlivens it; and thus, through the influence of the mind over the body gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system.” – Frederick Law Olmsted

Although, Frederick Law Olmsted, throughout his professional life at various points, worked as a farmer, sailor, gold prospector, merchant, journalist, and administrator, the quintessential man for all seasons is most fondly remembered for his considerable contributions to landscape design. Olmsted, in fact, is widely heralded as “The Father of Landscape Design” having helped design some of North America’s most famous public parks. Read More »

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Photo Gallery: Longwood Gardens Green Wall

Nestled in the Brandywine Valley of southeast Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens is one of North America’s foremost botanical gardens. The world-famous horticulture showplace set out to make a bold statement by choosing to add a history-making green wall to the interior expansion of their East Conservatory. Designed landscape architect, Kim Wilke, and installed by Ambius’ Special Projects team led by Denise Eichmann, the 4,072 sq ft green wall at Longwood Gardens surpassed the previous longest green wall in North America by 1,210 sq ft.

For her work, Denise Eichmann was lauded at the 2011 PIA Awards for the Longwood green wall, winning the annual industry gala’s best-in-show honor, the Judge’s Award. Scroll through this photo gallery of photos of the green wall to appreciate the true singular nature of the project. Read More »

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Plantscaper Profile: Janice Nath On Creating Positive First Impressions In Hotels

Floral display in hotel lobbyIn the hospitality industry, a thousand details go into crafting an exemplary customer experience. The shades of color used in the plants flanking the property’s entrance, the first smell a customer experiences when they step inside the lobby, even the music that’s played in the elevator has a role in influencing the how a guest will view a hotel. To achieve that invaluable positive first impression, hotel professionals must remain resolutely cognizant of all five senses.

Janice Nath, Ambiance Architect, has beautified the interiors of numerous hospitality properties throughout the San Diego and Phoenix areas, including the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina (an Ambius customer of over 20 years!). Ambius provides the beautiful hotel with indoor plants and holiday decor. Greener on the Inside spoke with Janice on the topic of helping hotels stimulate the senses of their customers. Read More »

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5 Hard-To-Kill Office Plants

Everybody knows that having a plant nestled on your desk is a great way to keep healthy and productive, but nobody ever mentions the daily watering and pruning that goes with having one.

When you have an urgent report to finish by five o’clock, a meeting to attend and fifteen e-mails to send off, the last thing you want on your mind is the need to water your plant as well!

So here are some of the hardiest office plants out there that even a green fingered novice would do well to kill.

While the plant species listed below are certainly low-maintenance in the world of plants, many people still manage to kill these plants, typically from over-watering. Reference our blog post about indoor plant watering tips for help.

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Video: How To Landscape Near Your Front Door

View examples of Chris Karl’s interior and exterior design work @ www.ambius.com/chris

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