Greenify Your Office On Earth Day With Plants

Happy Earth Day! The Earth Day Network announced on their website that over 1 billion green-hearted people in 192 countries will be participating in Earth Day activities in 2013. Since the first celebration 33 years ago, Earth Day has become “the largest civic observance in the world.” This year for example, Earth Day activities range from volunteers planting trees in Columbus, Ohio to dancing in an “Eco-style” flash mob in Seoul, South Korea.

Do you want to celebrate Earth Day in a simple way? Making your workspace a greener, healthier environment is as simple as placing a new office plant on your desk. Numerous studies have been conducted in offices that show the great benefits plants can offer occupants. Prism, a research and consultancy practice based at the University of Exeter, found evidence that people were happier, healthier and 17% more productive in a room enriched with greenery than they were in a lean space devoid of plant life. But how do plants actually make interiors healthier? Read More »

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4 Ways To Spring Your Space Into A New Look Without Breaking the Bank

I recently read a brief excerpt from a garden website that suggested in so many words it is absurd to change your decor and your fashion to follow the color and style trends.

Design trends are so much more than the color du jour. Design it is about being in tune with the season and your surroundings. Now it just doesn’t make sense when you think about spending more money to remove perfectly good beautiful and expensive design stock. However from a commercial and consumer point-of-view, in order to get your optimal ROI for your design, it’s vital to stay in tune with the season and your environment.

Let’s specifically talk spring with April upon us. Spring symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, and provides us with the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into our surroundings – hence the term ‘spring cleaning.’ Read More »

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Video: Plants With a Purpose

To learn some more amazing facts about the benefits of plants, click here.

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Ambius Customer Service: The Power of a Smile

In the first month of my employment at Ambius, I had the great pleasure of riding along with a Customer Service Specialist named Judy for a full day of hauling watering cans and pruning office plants. I woke up bright and early anxious thinking about what the day had in store for me. However, when I met Judy at 8:00 AM in the parking lot of suburban Chicago hospital she immediately put me at ease with a smile and a joke.

As we drove from account to account, I quickly picked up on the fact that not only was Judy expertly skilled at caring for her customers’ plants, but she had an uncanny ability to brighten their day. On we went quickly and carefully tending to the greenery in offices, libraries, banks, restaurants, and condo buildings – all the while Judy cheering up her customers here and there with a kind word or two.

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Infographic: How To Choose The Right Office Plant

How To Choose The Right Office Plant

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to provide their employees with enjoyable and engaging workplace environments. Businesses both big and small around the world rely on office plants to help create peaceful ambiances that promote collaboration and creativity. Decades of research has shown that indoor plants can reduce stress levels, increase productivity and lower noise levels in offices.

But how does a business go about choosing the right plant for their office? Read More »

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